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It's a map of Africa.
Maybe that's where the diamond is.
Hold it up. I'll take a picture.
Can I take a picture? Please?
Come on, give me your phone.
I want to take a picture, too.
Cheese it, the cops.
He's gone.
So let me take a picture, will you?
I want to take a picture, too.
Come on, please? Can I hold the window?
Let me see the window.
I'll take that!
What gives, doc?
We made 35 pictures together.
As it turns out, I'm secretly evil.
That's show biz for you.
Now make with the card,
so I can please my dark masters.
Yes, sir. Queen of diamonds is your card.
Just put it back in the deck,
anywhere is fine. And oopsie-daisy!
- Is this your card?
- No.
- This?
- No.
- Run. This?
- No.
I said it's the queen of diamonds,
I tell you.
You mean, like this one?
Think we should go back and help him?
Elmer never gets Bugs.
It's a formula, but it works.
The great thing about movies,
you always know what will happen.
For instance, if this was a movie...
you and I'd probably wind up together.
If you don't let go of me, I'll scream...
but I'm not gonna stop screaming!
Well, this is surreal.
Stop or I'll fire.
Oh, my.
Ladies, please.
- Oui, monsieur?
- There's a man there. He's got a woman.
She's tied up in a burlap sack.
He's taking her to the Eiffel Tower.
It is spring, is it not?
I'm gonna blast you.
"Pointillism: A technique
of using individual dots of pigment...
"which, taken together, make an image."
Oh, crud.
I think when you go to the movies,
you should learn something.
Pardonnez-moi. Excusez-moi.
Look at that clown here.
Now, there's something
you don't see every day.
Come here.
Wait a minute.
- I don't want any trouble.
- What are you doing?
I just want your pants!
That's right. I'm a vicious bird of prey.
He's got the camera!
Give the girl back!
- What kept you?
- You okay?
That was great.
I'd say it's a perfect day.
Except for the fact that we lost the map.
- We?
- All right, I'm the jerk who lost the map.
And I'm the bunny
who saved the card. Voil.
Nice going, Bugs.
Chair people, I reveal to you...
the whereabouts of the Blue Monkey.
All right.
There's a duck in the middle of the map.
Remove the duck.
Remove the duck! The duck is in the...
We cannot let a boy, girl, duck, and rabbit
thwart our plans for global domination.
- Wanna bet?
- A wager?
$5 says my son will scuttle
your diabolical plans and save the world.
You're awfully spunky
for a man in your position.
How do you like that,
Mr. Slap Yourself in Your Own Face?
Give him a good zets
every once in a while.
My pleasure.
Now, I think I'm going to hedge my bet.
I'm going to unleash
our most vicious operative.
Mr. Chairman, while we agree
that the Tasmanian Devil is quite vicious...
if memory serves, he is also really stupid.
Really? So are you.
That's a good boy.
I withdraw my objection.
This would have been
a lot easier underground.
Come on, it's only another 6,000 cubits
in this here thick direction.
Look, Granny,
it's that nice boy from next door.
Little Damian.
How funny seeing you here, dear.
Hi, Granny.
Would you and your little friends
like a lift?
Giddyup, Dumbo.
Sure was a lucky coincidence
you showing up just now.
Yes, wasn't it?
I've discovered my roots.
I've discovered my lunch.
Cry freedom!
What a fantastic view.
Unless you're in the audience...
in which case you've been staring
at an elephant's behind for 30 seconds.
My destiny awaits.
I guess this is our stop.
Enjoy the rest of your adventure, children.
This is the Blue Monkey?
This dime-store bauble?
- I've been rooked. Shafted by the gods.
- Nice going, Daffy.
I demand recompense.
I want my diamond.
Where is my humongous rock?
Pressed duck.
- This looks like a puzzle piece.
- What?
Wait a minute.
Are we rich yet?
Any time now.
I'm rich. I'm affluent.
My liquidity is assured.
Daffy, get back here. Don't
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