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that, and that direction.
I say we go that way.
Say, who are you kidding here?
We're goners!
Water! I can't die now.
Think of the millions of children
who want me to have the diamond.
The poor children!
Look at that.
Is it a mirage? Or just product placement?
Who cares? With shopping convenience
at such low prices.
Water, Fresca, Mountain Dew.
Your product name here.
Is this your idea?
The audience expects it.
They don't even notice
this kind of thing anymore.
Nice of Wal-Mart
to provide these Wal-Mart beverages...
in return for us saying "Wal-Mart"
so many times.
Where's Yosemite Sam?
- What is your report?
- Boss, it wasn't me.
That razzan-frazzan duck
and that crazy son D. J...
and a humina-humina Dusty Tails.
You know, that makes a lot of sense.
Thank you.
Mr. Drake, are you going to save us
the bother of eliminating your son?
My son is going to kick your evil butt.
- Mr. Chairman.
- Yes, Dad.
- Desert operative.
- No.
Not a bad idea, Dad.
Our desert operative is due for a win.
I told you we should have
made that left turn at Albuquerque.
Don't start that again.
All right. Here's the plan.
We wait here for the next truck or car
or camel or whatever...
and take Bugs and Daffy...
get back to Hollywood
and finish making the movie.
What are you going to do?
- I'm just gonna keep walking that way.
- That's your plan?
Yep. That's the direction
the car was going.
You're not leaving me here
while you make off with my diamond.
I don't wanna get too wrapped up
in your caper...
but let's assume that you're right
and Damian Drake is a spy?
Super spy.
What's the point of just meandering
through the desert if...
Be safe.
- Attaboy. Trust your instincts.
- Yeah.
Except for the water tower, the Batmobile,
the rubble known as Las Vegas.
There's nobody as rich, famous,
and powerful as my father...
who just disappears into thin air.
Suddenly I feel like
I'm in Aunt Marge's Jell-O mold.
Guys, it's air-conditioned in here.
Come on in.
Intruder alert.
Earth freak.
Okay, buster. Where's Damian Drake
and that big diamond?
Cleanup on aisle three.
Can I be of service?
I am monitored to respond
to the name Robbie.
Hi, D.J.
At ease. I'm Mother.
Yeah, like the car said
that we would be meeting you.
How do you know my name?
D.J., I've known you
since you were this big.
That's not really possible, is it?
Must have been a photo.
Let me just take care of this, and we'II...
Give it to me straight. How bad is it?
So, shall we?
So little to do, so much time.
You're going to put him back, right?
I can't go back to L.A. With duck soup.
We do have the facilities
to reconstitute the body.
The mind though,
will remain a gooey mess.
So, about my father?
All in due time. Lovely. Yes. Blow.
All right, break it up, fellas. Nice coats.
White is the new black, you know.
- So this is Area 51, right?
- No.
The secret military base
where they keep the aliens?
No, Area 51 is actually
a paranoid fantasy we concocted...
to hide the true identity of this facility.
- Which is?
- Area 52.
But don't quote me on that.
Oh, right. Area 52.
- So, Mother...
- Call me "Mom."
Mom, what is it
that you do here exactly, anyway?
Creation, transubstantiation, destruction.
It's stressful. All kinds of things.
They're already here. You're next.
My God...
what am I going to do with you?
You've done nothing but screw up!
You've walked off mesas.
You've been smashed by boulders.
You've been run over by diesel trucks.
Don't blame the equipment. It's good.
It's ACME equipment.
You're a coyote. Be wily.
All right, now.
Buck up and let's see a little smile.
Little bigger.
That's nice.
Now, just go take a shower,
and don't come back till you smell better!
Be careful. There're men moving a safe
out there, and I don't want you to...
And be careful
of the box of fireworks because...
I suppose I should mention
the plate-glass window...
 :    :

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