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will scuttle
your diabolical plans and save the world.
You're awfully spunky
for a man in your position.
How do you like that,
Mr. Slap Yourself in Your Own Face?
Give him a good zets
every once in a while.
My pleasure.
Now, I think I'm going to hedge my bet.
I'm going to unleash
our most vicious operative.
Mr. Chairman, while we agree
that the Tasmanian Devil is quite vicious...
if memory serves, he is also really stupid.
Really? So are you.
That's a good boy.
I withdraw my objection.
This would have been
a lot easier underground.
Come on, it's only another 6,000 cubits
in this here thick direction.
Look, Granny,
it's that nice boy from next door.
Little Damian.
How funny seeing you here, dear.
Hi, Granny.
Would you and your little friends
like a lift?
Giddyup, Dumbo.
Sure was a lucky coincidence
you showing up just now.
Yes, wasn't it?
I've discovered my roots.
I've discovered my lunch.
Cry freedom!
What a fantastic view.
Unless you're in the audience...
in which case you've been staring
at an elephant's behind for 30 seconds.
My destiny awaits.
I guess this is our stop.
Enjoy the rest of your adventure, children.
This is the Blue Monkey?
This dime-store bauble?
- I've been rooked. Shafted by the gods.
- Nice going, Daffy.
I demand recompense.
I want my diamond.
Where is my humongous rock?
Pressed duck.
- This looks like a puzzle piece.
- What?
Wait a minute.
Are we rich yet?
Any time now.
I'm rich. I'm affluent.
My liquidity is assured.
Daffy, get back here. Don't touch that!
Let go! Don't you dare!
- The rock is mine. So close.
- You mind?
Yes, I mind. I'm the hero.
I should get the treasure.
The girl, too, but we'll discuss that later.
Careful with my diamond. Easy, now.
Dad, this is for you.
Why, D.J., why you? Why wasn't it me?
Just academic curiosity, you understand.
Gotta go. Bank closes at 5:00.
- Come on, Daffy, change him back.
- All right.
Buddy pictures.
- D.J., pal, you're okay.
- Yeah.
Give me that.
- I liked you better as a monkey.
- Thanks.
That is so sweet.
Now if you could just
hand over the diamond.
My turn.
- All right, now, I've come for the diamond.
- I knew it was you.
You knew it was me, did you?
You're wrong. Because I'm not me.
I'm actually...
I can't. I can't reach over the hat.
I'd rehearse back at ACME,
but I never wore the hat.
And now the hat is throwing me off.
Would you...
Thank you very much. Now, I'm actually...
Your father.
- Dad.
- Saw that one coming.
Look into your heart, D.J.
- You know it's true.
- No, it can't be true.
You're right, it isn't.
Let's do some drills.
This doesn't make a lick of sense.
Well, who's laughing now?
Apparently, no one.
Anyway, give me the Monkey!
No, forget that, man. You're evil.
Thank you, but...
Anyway, Mr. Smith,
let's show this muscle-bound beefcake...
who I have sometimes been mistaken for...
what it's like to live in the real world.
Have you ever been disintegrated in one
place and then reassembled in another?
Fire away.
No, you don't!
I thought they fixed that glitch.
Mr. Smith is fired!
I have to do everything myself
around here.
- Good.
- You...
So this is the remote that works.
This, my friend,
is the ACME Train of Death...
which is not good news for your father.
Don't worry about me, son.
I've gotten out of worse scrapes
than this one.
You see, if the Train of Death
doesn't kill him...
then those crates of TNT will.
Not to mention
the 2-ton anvil hanging over his head.
And look. There's the Pendulum of Doom.
What's the Pendulum of Doom
doing there? I did not order it.
It's overkill. Get rid of it.
Now, if you want to
keep your family "together"...
I would hand over the Blue Monkey now.
Don't worry, son. I'm fine.
- You're a sick man, you know that?
- Get used to it.
Excuse me? What about my father?
- He's waiting for a train.
- What? You...
Where's Marvin the
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