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Yeah, so?
Just, you know, kind of temporarily.
I've hit rock bottom.
I'm hanging out with a security guard
who lives with his father.
My grease and gravy!
Your dad is Damian Drake.
- The super spy.
- He's an actor who plays a spy.
- And that? That was his I Spy Award.
- Ingenious.
An actor playing a super spy as a cover
for being a super spy playing an actor.
In fact, I'll bet this whole dump
is a super spy lair.
Nothing is as it seems.
You're probably protected by
an invisible force field right this minute.
The force field-penetrating apple.
Just feel free to continue
your delusional ranting...
while I answer my...
- Son?
- Dad?
What are you doing in the painting?
I wanted to keep you out of this,
but there's no one else I can trust.
Can you hold on a second?
Are you shooting a movie or something?
A new Damian Drake movie? Cool.
Come to Las Vegas.
Ask Dusty Tails for the Blue Monkey.
The Blue Monkey? What's a Blue Monkey?
A diamond. A very special diamond.
Find Dusty Tails.
Dad, you need me
to call the police or something?
- No police.
- Dad, are you all right?
I'm sorry I never told you this before,
but I...
- Dad?
- Diamond? I'm rich!
- I've joined the leisure class.
- I gotta go save my dad.
Your dad, yeah.
So count me in. A spy caper.
Double agents, exploding bikinis,
tigers hanging from helicopters!
I'm through with show biz!
From now on,
I'm gonna live the adventure.
- Next stop, Las Vegas.
- I'll take my dad's old car.
- A super spy car. Let's ride.
- This isn't a spy car.
Your dad is a spy. Ipso ergo, a spy car.
I used to deliver pizzas in this car.
Secret pizzas?
A spy pie, maybe?
Fine, be that way.
But it's definitely a spy car!
A little help here?
You know how I know it's a spy car?
Because it looks
absolutely nothing like a spy car.
I don't think this routine
is gonna work without Daffy, but...
Say your prayers, rabbit.
It's rabbit season.
- Duck season.
- Rabbit season.
- Rabbit season.
- Wait a minute.
See, I told you
this wasn't gonna work without...
Pain. Agony!
You're fired.
- But you...
- You got rid of our best duck.
You can't fire me.
My films have made $950 million!
- That's not a billion.
- Nope. Not a billion.
All right.
I think we can all agree that the decision
to get rid of Daffy was a poor one.
But it's time to move on.
And by move on, I mean reversing course
and getting Daffy back.
By Monday.
I will have Daffy back on Monday.
That went well.
Listen, doll face, if I know Daffy,
he's already hit the road by now.
It's good to stretch.
I'm getting tired
of throwing you out of the car.
That's my plan in a nutshell.
Now, listen, if we run into anything
that requires super spy skills...
like cracking wise, smooching dames,
you better leave that to me.
However, if we have
any security guarding needs...
Very funny, duck. I'm not a security guard.
For your information, it's just a job.
It's what I do for money.
What I really do is...
I'm a stuntman.
- You? A stuntman? Please.
- I am!
Did you see those Mummy movies?
I'm in them more than Brendan Fraser is.
No, he couldn't stand that.
One day he decides that, "No!
The Bren-master does all his own stunts!"
Listen, muscles, if this heap ever makes it
to Vegas, I'll do all the stunts.
Duck here.
- Daffy, old chum, how the heck...
- Cram it down your rabbit hole.
I think I can get you your old job back
with less of a pay cut than usual.
So not interested.
I'm off to Las Vegas
with my new sidekick D. J...
to match wits with spies and showgirls.
It's a little adventure I call:
"Daffy Duck's Quest for the Blue Monkey."
And you're not in it.
Blue Monkey?
Blue Monkey?
It's a little adventure I call. ;
"Daffy Duck's Quest for the Blue Monkey."
This is unacceptable!
We cannot have 9-year-olds working
in sweatshops making Acme sneakers...
not when 3-year-olds
work for so much less.
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