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this spot.
- I think we scratched it.
- Don't worry, it's a rental.
You guys, you pulled it off!
- You pulled it off, all right.
- Give me that.
Way to go, Daffy.
You didn't do so bad yourself, stunt boy.
To set the record straight...
all credit for saving the human race
goes to Daffy.
Oh, no, you don't, buster. You're the hero.
Wait a minute. Pronoun trouble.
I'm the hero.
I'm the hero, all right.
Are you gonna introduce us, D.J.?
- Dad, this is Kate. Kate, this is...
- Damian Drake.
I'm a really big fan... of your son.
Daff, you achieved your goal
of being a hero.
Yep, but you didn't achieve your goal...
of getting me back in your stupid movie.
- Cut. Great, that's a wrap.
- That's it, guys.
Remind me to get a new agent, will you?
Wait a minute. Maybe we are a team.
Bugs and Daffy. No, Daffy and Bugs.
What do you think?
Excuse me, do you remember me?
I threatened your manliness,
and you got me fired?
I know you.
Do I know him?
You must be someone that I got fired.
See, I get a lot of people fired.
- You be good now.
- So like I said...
Not again. He's down again. Are you okay?
- Come on.
- He said he can do stunts.
Bugs is here. Gotta go.
Daffy, you're right.
- The usual place, Mr. Bunny?
- Very good.
From now on, you and I are going to be
equal partners in this thing.
No more second banana for you.
Thanks, pal. I really appreciate this.
At last my star is rising.
All my hopes and aspirations...
What do you know?
My luck is changing already.
Go home, folks.Be very quiet. I'm hunting rabbits.
I am a duck bent on self-preservationum.
Say your prayers, rabbit.
It's rabbit season.
- Duck season.
- Rabbit season!
Duck season! Fire!
Hold everything.
"Daffy gets blasted."
Page 7: "Daffy gets blasted."
Page 8: "Daffy gets blasted again!"
What's the matter with you people?
We can't do this kind of stuff anymore.
Brothers Warner...
show biz legends like me
shouldn't have to play stooge...
to that long-eared,
carrot-chomping, overbite-challenged...
What's up, doc?
Bobby, how's the wife?
Great nose job, Chuck. Thanks, girls.
Good rug, Mel. Never would have guessed.
- Pardon me.
- The pleasure is mine.
Fellas, I think Daff's right.
Maybe I'll take a vacation.
Go visit my 542 nieces and nephews.
Mr. Duck, excuse me, I'm sorry.
I don't see how we can have
a Bugs Bunny movie without Bugs Bunny.
Oh, my heavens, no.
You couldn't have a movie
without Bugs Bunny.
If you don't mind me asking, whose
glorified personal assistant are you?
Kate Houghton, Vice President, Comedy.
Kate did Lethal Weapon Babies.
Finally, a Lethal Weapon
that I can take my grandchildren to.
Gentlemen, check your phones.
Our latest research shows
that Bugs Bunny is a core asset...
that appeals to male and female,
young and old throughout the universe...
while your fan base
is limited to angry fat guys in basements.
Yeah, but... Come on, fellas,
I'm thrice the entertainer the rabbit is!
Fine, it's hilarious...
but moviegoers these days
demand action heroes, like me!
Top that, rabbit.
So, it has come to this, has it?
I'm afraid
the Brothers Warner must choose...
between a handsome matinee idol...
or this miscreant perpetrator
of low burlesque.
Whichever one's not the duck.
That's the stuff from my office.
- You don't have an office.
- Not anymore.
Symbolically, this is bad.
Please, brother. Other brother?
Icy she-wolf? Help me, please.
I'm too moist and tender to retire.
- Let me escort you out.
- Wait!
I haven't tried toadying, kowtowing,
or butt-kissing yet.
I'm still begging here!
Can I try that again?
No, thank you. We'll call you.
Hey, D.J. How did your tryout go?
Well, let's see.
I can say I made an impression.
Your father can get you a job
anytime he wants to.
I know, but I don't want that.
I'd really rather earn it, sir.
- Mr. Warner mentioned you this morning.
- He did? What did he say?
He said don
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