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guys come after me.
Hang on.
You're not seriously thinking about...
Taking over your father's mission?
- I guess that would be all right.
- What?
Listen, if you're going to be a spy,
you'll need spy stuff.
So, is this where you keep
all the high-tech spy gadgets?
That's cool. So I get to use all this stuff?
No, your stuff is over here.
But I really like the...
All right. Looks like an ordinary cell phone.
Three-way calling, voice dialing,
downloadable ringtones.
- My phone does all that.
- Superconducting electromagnet.
- Sorry.
- It's all right.
GPS with mapping software...
tip calculator, Gameboy.
High-powered laser.
Polycarbonate rappelling line
with jet-propelled micro grappling hook.
Nose hair trimmer.
You always want to look your best.
Get over here, you idiot.
No, cold. Cold. Warm, warmer.
Permit me, madam.
Robert, darling. Excellent choice.
Swank pants.
And comfortable, too.
Plus, liquid hydrogen rocket pockets,
here and here.
And stitching,
nuclear-powered crotch pad...
He'll be down in a moment.
Wakey, wakey, friends.
Time to wreak mayhem
in the cause of evil.
Mother, just one last question.
What's the deal with this card?
That is the window
into what lies behind her smile.
I'm sorry, our intelligence people
feel a need to code everything in a riddle.
They get some kind of perverse pleasure
out of it. I think it's corporate.
All humans.
Looks like we got company.
Illegal aliens.
Exterminate them.
Darn. I knew this day would come.
Let us exterminate them.
Emergency shutdown activated.
Force-barrier seal in 30 seconds.
The playing card, please.
I'll take that. Out of my way.
Hero coming through.
There is no escape.
You pesky fowl!
Isn't it about time to enjoy a frosty,
cold soda at the concession stand?
Get the lead out. Bus is leaving.
Halt or be fricasseed.
That was fun.
Looking for this?
Now, what did she mean by a window?
The window into what lies
behind her smile.
That's the Mona Lisa.
- Which is in the Louvre.
- Which is in Paris.
Just how are we supposed to get to Paris?
Like this.
It doesn't look like
much of a window to me.
Maybe the diamond is in the painting.
- All we have to do is steal the Mona Lisa.
- Way ahead of you.
- No, you look, you don't touch, right?
- Yeah.
But I'm already in costume.
- That's a good look for you.
- Do you think so?
Wait a minute.
It is a window.
It's an X-ray.
It's a map of Africa.
Maybe that's where the diamond is.
Hold it up. I'll take a picture.
Can I take a picture? Please?
Come on, give me your phone.
I want to take a picture, too.
Cheese it, the cops.
He's gone.
So let me take a picture, will you?
I want to take a picture, too.
Come on, please? Can I hold the window?
Let me see the window.
I'll take that!
What gives, doc?
We made 35 pictures together.
As it turns out, I'm secretly evil.
That's show biz for you.
Now make with the card,
so I can please my dark masters.
Yes, sir. Queen of diamonds is your card.
Just put it back in the deck,
anywhere is fine. And oopsie-daisy!
- Is this your card?
- No.
- This?
- No.
- Run. This?
- No.
I said it's the queen of diamonds,
I tell you.
You mean, like this one?
Think we should go back and help him?
Elmer never gets Bugs.
It's a formula, but it works.
The great thing about movies,
you always know what will happen.
For instance, if this was a movie...
you and I'd probably wind up together.
If you don't let go of me, I'll scream...
but I'm not gonna stop screaming!
Well, this is surreal.
Stop or I'll fire.
Oh, my.
Ladies, please.
- Oui, monsieur?
- There's a man there. He's got a woman.
She's tied up in a burlap sack.
He's taking her to the Eiffel Tower.
It is spring, is it not?
I'm gonna blast you.
"Pointillism: A technique
of using individual dots of pigment...
"which, taken together, make an image."
Oh, crud.
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