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Out of my way!
- You are in big trouble, mister.
- Agreed!
What are you doing, kidnapping me?
Stop the car.
This is my adventure, bub.
Coming through.
What brings you to Las Vegas?
You ran out of people to fire in L.A.?
You stole my duck.
- Your duck? I belong to the world.
- You know what? You can have him.
Dynamite? Who has dynamite?
Welcome to my world.
Hang on.
Throw it out the window. Throw it out!
- But innocent people could be hurt.
- Throw it out the window!
It will send the wrong message
to children.
Didn't he used to be behind us?
We're having duck tonight, boys.
Just a suggestion, but all those in favor
of not hitting that wall say "aye."
- Aye!
- Mother.
Taking you to Mother.
Look, a shooting star.
Quick, everybody make a wish.
You know, I'm beginning to think
that this one is the spy car.
ETA to Mother, 10 minutes.
Please return your seatbacks
to their full and upright position.
So, what are your plans now, if I may ask?
Daffy will save us. He's the hero.
All right, bucktooth. Stick a carrot in it.
Everybody calm down, all right?
I can handle this.
Sell my Warner Brothers stock.
I got an inside tip
that Bugs Bunny is about to die.
Out of gas.
What? It doesn't work like that.
Thanks, toots.
- Carrot?
- No, thanks.
You really think that playing card
is going to help you rescue your father?
Yeah, I do.
You know this all sounds insane, right?
I remember the first time
I saw your dad in the movies.
So breathtaking.
Your hair smells nice.
- You say something?
- No, just saying good night.
I'm telling you, Daffy...
I heard the Warner Brothers say
you were their best duck.
Flattered though I may be,
flattened I will not...
in order for you to get the laughs.
It's all... And then...
- And your tail is on fire.
- Exactly my point.
No, really, your tail's on fire.
Daff, you're accident-prone.
What am I talking to you for?
All you have to do is munch on a carrot,
and people love you.
I need you to move my 12:00 appointment
up to 2:00 and then back to 11:00.
Then just cancel it.
And I need you to get a helicopter and...
No, don't put me on hold.
Oh, God.
I can't die out here.
This wasn't the plan.
After this comedy...
I promised myself
I would only do real movies...
about the human condition
crammed with social relevance.
There's nothing but a big rock
for 10 miles in that, that...
that, and that direction.
I say we go that way.
Say, who are you kidding here?
We're goners!
Water! I can't die now.
Think of the millions of children
who want me to have the diamond.
The poor children!
Look at that.
Is it a mirage? Or just product placement?
Who cares? With shopping convenience
at such low prices.
Water, Fresca, Mountain Dew.
Your product name here.
Is this your idea?
The audience expects it.
They don't even notice
this kind of thing anymore.
Nice of Wal-Mart
to provide these Wal-Mart beverages...
in return for us saying "Wal-Mart"
so many times.
Where's Yosemite Sam?
- What is your report?
- Boss, it wasn't me.
That razzan-frazzan duck
and that crazy son D. J...
and a humina-humina Dusty Tails.
You know, that makes a lot of sense.
Thank you.
Mr. Drake, are you going to save us
the bother of eliminating your son?
My son is going to kick your evil butt.
- Mr. Chairman.
- Yes, Dad.
- Desert operative.
- No.
Not a bad idea, Dad.
Our desert operative is due for a win.
I told you we should have
made that left turn at Albuquerque.
Don't start that again.
All right. Here's the plan.
We wait here for the next truck or car
or camel or whatever...
and take Bugs and Daffy...
get back to Hollywood
and finish making the movie.
What are you going to do?
- I'm just gonna keep walking that way.
- That's your plan?
Yep. That's the direction
the car was going.
You're not leaving me here
while you make off with my diamond.
I don't wanna get too wrapped up
in your caper...
but let's
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