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plan in a nutshell.
Now, listen, if we run into anything
that requires super spy skills...
like cracking wise, smooching dames,
you better leave that to me.
However, if we have
any security guarding needs...
Very funny, duck. I'm not a security guard.
For your information, it's just a job.
It's what I do for money.
What I really do is...
I'm a stuntman.
- You? A stuntman? Please.
- I am!
Did you see those Mummy movies?
I'm in them more than Brendan Fraser is.
No, he couldn't stand that.
One day he decides that, "No!
The Bren-master does all his own stunts!"
Listen, muscles, if this heap ever makes it
to Vegas, I'll do all the stunts.
Duck here.
- Daffy, old chum, how the heck--
- Cram it down your rabbit hole.
I think I can get you your old job back
with less of a pay cut than usual.
So not interested.
I'm off to Las Vegas
with my new sidekick D.J...
to match wits with spies and showgirls.
It's a little adventure I call:
"Daffy Duck's Quest for the Blue Monkey."
And you're not in it.
Blue Monkey?
Blue Monkey?
It's a little adventure I call. ;
"Daffy Duck's Quest for the Blue Monkey."
This is unacceptable!
We cannot have 9-year-olds working
in sweatshops making Acme sneakers...
not when 3-year-olds
work for so much less.
But, sir, they require naps.
Put double espresso in their sippy cups.
What's next on the agenda?
Where's my people? What's coming up?
What's the next thing?
Thank you, Bob.
Grave news, my friends.
Direct your attention to the video screen.
Cable, input, VCR, satellite.
Input, satellite, tape, menu, rewind...
power, on.
It seems that Damian Drake's son
knows about the Blue Monkey...
and he is on his way to Las Vegas.
He must not find the location
of the diamond before we do.
How is the interrogation going?
He's about ready to crack, boss!
Cable, input, VCR and satellite, off.
We cannot let the good guys
win this time, people.
We must capture this son of a spy...
and we must locate the diamond...
and use its powers
for our own diabolical ends!
- Copy that to all departments.
- I didn't quite get that.
Didn't quite...
Something about
capturing the son of a spy...
and using the diamond's power
for our diabolical ends.
Be sure and use the laugh.
I like the laugh. Don't you?
- And what is your name?
- Mary.
Well, Mary...
how'd you like to do a little kissing later?
That's what they all say at first.
Soon the ACME Corporation
will tower over all of creation!
All of creation!
Wait a minute.
- Yes?
- What about the duck?
Extra crispy.
D.J., I'm not here to fire you again.
I just want to know
if that duck told you where he was going.
- Doesn't anyone knock anymore?
- Why are you torturing me?
What have I ever done that...
I just fired the son of our biggest star.
This has been a career-making day, Kate.
First you get rid of the duck
that everybody hates...
but then, of course,
they all want him back.
And worst of all,
you get into a big fight with Bugs Bunny...
who you revere and who you've tried
to model your life after.
I hate to see a grown man cry.
Especially when it's a girl.
Listen, toots,
would it stop the waterworks...
if I told you Daffy was going to Las Vegas
with that guy D.J.?
It might.
Well, then,
how's about we travel in style in this?
Las Vegas, Jeeves.
Taking you to Las Vegas.
You've got no music in your soul, sister.
I am aware of that, yes.
He sure went for all the extras.
What a maroon.
Don't touch anything.
This is Damian Drake's car--
- Let's see.
- No!
What does this one do?
Shaken, not stirred, sir.
It's 5:00 somewhere.
- If you touch one more thing--
- I'm about to defy you.
- Now you done it.
- Arms at your side, please.
Formalwear activated.
You clean up nice, kid.
Las Vegas!
Smell that, D.J.?
That's the sweet aroma
of money, glamour...
and busload upon busload
of senior
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