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stick his head
in a jet engine.
-He's gone.
-No, Daffy always comes back.
l just tell him how much l need him.
We hug, we cry,
l drop something heavy on him, l laugh.
The duck is history, okay?
So the question is...
how can l help you
reposition your brand identity?
Answer: We team you up
with a hot female co-star.
l play the female love interest.
About the cross-dressing thing?
ln the past, funny. Today, disturbing.
Lady, if you don't find a rabbit
with lipstick amusing...
you and l have
nothing to say to each other.
Look, l'm trying to be nice...
but l was brought in
to leverage your synergy...
and l am not going to let you
or some wacky duck--
Wacky, daffy, nutty, fruitcake,
crispy over rice, it doesn't matter.
Well, these matter.
And this.
And they say we get Daffy back.
Right, boys?
-We want Daffy!
-Bring him back!
We love Daffy!
Little Damian.
Hey, Granny.
Hi, Tweety.
How was work today?
What a nice young man.
Guess who? So did you miss me?
l'm glad l was fired.
ln a few days,
they'll be kissing my befeathered rump...
begging me to come back. But l won't.
Did l miss the part where l invited you in?
l'll be too busy accepting numerous,
multiple offers.
Every studio in town....
Who am l kidding? My career is over.
Perhaps l was being too polite. Get out!
l'll starve. l'll have to eat envelope glue.
Wait, a sushi bar.
Leave my father's house. Now.
You live with Daddy?
Yeah, so?
Just, you know, kind of temporarily.
l've hit rock bottom.
l'm hanging out with a security guard
who lives with his father.
My grease and gravy!
Your dad is Damian Drake.
-The super spy.
-He's an actor who plays a spy.
-And that? That was his l Spy Award.
An actor playing a super spy as a cover
for being a super spy playing an actor.
ln fact, l'll bet this whole dump
is a super spy lair.
Nothing is as it seems.
You're probably protected by
an invisible force field right this minute.
The force field-penetrating apple.
Just feel free to continue
your delusional ranting...
while l answer my....
What are you doing in the painting?
l wanted to keep you out of this,
but there's no one else l can trust.
Can you hold on a second?
Are you shooting a movie or something?
A new Damian Drake movie? Cool.
Come to Las Vegas.
Ask Dusty Tails for the Blue Monkey.
The Blue Monkey? What's a Blue Monkey?
A diamond. A very special diamond.
Find Dusty Tails.
Dad, you need me
to call the police or something?
-No police.
-Dad, are you all right?
l'm sorry l never told you this before,
but l....
-Diamond? l'm rich!
-l've joined the leisure class.
-l gotta go save my dad.
Your dad, yeah.
So count me in. A spy caper.
Double agents, exploding bikinis,
tigers hanging from helicopters!
l'm through with show biz!
From now on,
l'm gonna live the adventure.
-Next stop, Las Vegas.
-l'll take my dad's old car.
-A super spy car. Let's ride.
-This isn't a spy car.
Your dad is a spy. lpso ergo, a spy car.
l used to deliver pizzas in this car.
Secret pizzas?
A spy pie, maybe?
Fine, be that way.
But it's definitely a spy car!
A little help here?
You know how l know it's a spy car?
Because it looks
absolutely nothing like a spy car.
l don't think this routine
is gonna work without Daffy, but....
Say your prayers, rabbit.
lt's rabbit season.
-Duck season.
-Rabbit season.
-Rabbit season.
-Wait a minute.
See, l told you
this wasn't gonna work without--
Pain. Agony!
You're fired.
-But you--
-You got rid of our best duck.
You can't fire me.
My films have made $950 million!
-That's not a billion.
-Nope. Not a billion.
All right.
l think we can all agree that the decision
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