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Want to play?
Good boy. Fetch!
It looks to be
a deadly mission requiring strength...
cunning and nerves of steel.
So good luck, Bugsy,
I'll keep the engine running.
You tricked me!
What's up, Darth?
Now I must incapacitate you
with my bubble gun.
Ain't that cute?
Of course you realize this means war.
You go that way. I'm gonna go this way.
Bad dog! Sit!
I don't want to put you
under any added pressure...
but judging by the vibrations
of these train tracks, I've got about...
one minute and forty-two seconds left.
Down! Put him down.
What am I gonna do?
What would Damian Drake do?
What would Duck Dodgers do?
Wait a minute. I am Duck Dodgers!
Yes, I'm going to be the hero
of this picture!
Duck Dodgers to the rescue!
It's you-know-who to the rescue!
It helps if you don't say the name.
Bad dog!
Disgusting Earth rodent.
Now to neutralize that duck.
This can't be good.
Now the diamond will bathe the Earth
in a monkey-transforming glow.
Ten, nine, eight, seven...
six, five, four...
three, two, one.
Thwarting evil makes me so angry.
That takes care of that.
Thanks, Daff.
Darn dark side!
Are you all monkeys yet?
Checkmate, Mr. Chairman.
You're going down.
Come on, say it.
Just a little "You're my hero"?
- Nope, sorry.
- Bugs, say it, come on.
- Not interested.
- No one will ever know.
I'm really proud of you, D.J.
I knew I could count on you.
Dad, I think we should move.
- What was wrong with Beverly Hills?
- I meant from this spot.
- I think we scratched it.
- Don't worry, it's a rental.
You guys, you pulled it off!
- You pulled it off, all right.
- Give me that.
Way to go, Daffy.
You didn't do so bad yourself, stunt boy.
To set the record straight...
all credit for saving the human race
goes to Daffy.
Oh, no, you don't, buster. You're the hero.
Wait a minute. Pronoun trouble.
I'm the hero.
I'm the hero, all right.
Are you gonna introduce us, D.J.?
- Dad, this is Kate. Kate, this is...
- Damian Drake.
I'm a really big fan... of your son.
Daff, you achieved your goal
of being a hero.
Yep, but you didn't achieve your goal...
of getting me back in your stupid movie.
- Cut. Great, that's a wrap.
- That's it, guys.
Remind me to get a new agent, will you?
Wait a minute. Maybe we are a team.
Bugs and Daffy. No, Daffy and Bugs.
What do you think?
Excuse me, do you remember me?
I threatened your manliness,
and you got me fired?
I know you.
Do I know him?
You must be someone that I got fired.
See, I get a lot of people fired.
- You be good now.
- So like I said...
Not again. He's down again. Are you okay?
- Come on.
- He said he can do stunts.
Bugs is here. Gotta go.
Daffy, you're right.
- The usual place, Mr. Bunny?
- Very good.
From now on, you and I are going to be
equal partners in this thing.
No more second banana for you.
Thanks, pal. I really appreciate this.
At last my star is rising.
All my hopes and aspirations...
What do you know?
My luck is changing already.
Go home, folks.Be very quiet. l'm hunting rabbits.
l am a duck bent on self-preservationum.
Say your prayers, rabbit.
lt's rabbit season.
-Duck season.
-Rabbit season!
Duck season! Fire!
Hold everything.
''Daffy gets blasted.''
Page 7: ''Daffy gets blasted.''
Page 8: ''Daffy gets blasted again! ''
What's the matter with you people?
We can't do this kind of stuff anymore.
Brothers Warner...
show biz legends like me
shouldn't have to play stooge...
to that long-eared,
carrot-chomping, overbite-challenged--
What's up, doc?
Bobby, how's the wife?
Great nose job, Chuck. Thanks, girls.
Good rug, Mel. Never would have guessed.
-Pardon me.
-The pleasure is mine.
Fellas, l think Daff's right.
Maybe l'll take a vacation.
Go visit my 542 nieces and nephews.
Mr. Duck, excuse me, l'm sorry.
l don't see how we can have
a Bugs Bunny movie without Bugs Bunny.
Oh, my heavens, no.
You couldn't have a movie
without Bugs Bunny.
 :    :

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