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the job l had.
Now the two of us gotta live on what Fred
gets from the drugstore. 32.50 a week!
Poor Fred. Bet you think he's a sourpuss.
He didn't used to be that way, though.
Army's had an awful effect on him.
Knocked all the life out of him!
Fred isn't going to be satisfied
with that job at the drugstore.
- He'll get something better.
- Maybe in five years he'll draw 50 bucks.
You can't have happy marriages
on that kind of dough.
You know, Peggy, you're cute.
But you could use a little more make-up.
And get yourself a better hairdo.
l'll give you the name of my hairdresser.
Oh, but you've got nothing to worry about.
You'll get Woody and live
happily ever after. lt's in the bag!
Thank you.
Now, everybody get in close together,
put our arms around each other.
Come on, Fred. l don't mind.
Ooh! Wait, l'll tell you when.
Everybody, happy. Let's all be talking.
What a marvellous party.
We'll have to do this again.
OK, shoot the picture!
We want four copies, honey.
Mr Milton certainly acted enthusiastic
about your speech.
Yeah, sure. That's how
he acted, the old hypocrite.
- Suppose he'll fire you in the morning?
- No, he'll never do anything impetuous.
He'll back me up, till the next time
l give a loan to some little guy.
- Then l'll have to fight it out again.
- (knock at door)
- Yes?
- lt's me, Peggy.
Oh, come in, darling.
- Did you have a good time?
- Not very.
Ah, what's all this? Children's Hour?
l beg your pardon.
Well? What's she like?
l'm glad l went out with them.
Even though it was
a disagreeable experience.
lt took guts, honey.
But you got plenty.
l'll need them.
l've made up my mind.
- Good girl.
- To do what?
l'm going to break that marriage up.
l can't stand seeing Fred tied
to a woman he doesn't love.
And who doesn't love him.
lt's horrible for him. lt's humiliating,
and it's killing his spirit.
Somebody's got to help him.
- Are you sure he doesn't love her?
- Of course l am.
Did he tell you?
- Did she?
- No.
So you just jumped to conclusions!
He doesn't love her, he hates her.
l know it.
- l know it.
- Who are you, God?!
How did you get this power
to interfere in people's lives?
ls Fred in love with you?
- You've been seeing him?
- Only once. Today.
Oh, it was all perfectly respectable.
But when we were saying goodbye, he...
he took me in his arms
and kissed me and...
and l knew.
You think a kiss from a smooth operator
like Fred means anything?!
You don't know him. You don't know
anything about what's inside him.
Neither does she. His wife.
That's probably what she thought -
a smooth operator
with money in his pockets.
But now he isn't smooth any longer,
and she's lost interest.
Whereas you're possessed
of all the wisdom of the ages
You can see into the secret recesses
of his innermost soul
l can see because l love him.
So you're gonna break this marriage up.
Have you decided how?
Are you gonna do it with an axe?
lt's none of your business
how l'm going to do it!
You've forgotten
what it's like to be in love!
Hear that? l'm so old and decrepit, l've
forgotten how it feels to want somebody.
Peggy didn't mean that.
Did you, darling?
l don't know what l do mean.
lt's just that everything has
always been so perfect for you.
You loved each other
and you got married in a big church
and you had a honeymoon
in the South of France.
You never had any trouble of any kind.
So how can you possibly understand
how it is with Fred and me?
We never had any trouble?
How many times have l told you
l hated you and believed it in my heart?
How many times have you said you were
sick of me, that we were all washed up?
How many times have we had to
fall in love all over again?
l'm sorry, Mom.
Never mind about that, darling.
- Fred.
- Hiya, Butch.
- Hello, Fred.
- Al here?
- He's back there, waiting for you.
- See you later.
- Hiya, Al.
- Sit down, Fred.
- What are you drinking?
- A cup of


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