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Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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Like my own s... younger brother.
l picked you personally for this job,
and l know you'll make good.
We do have a desire to extend a helping
hand to returning veterans when possible.
But we must all remember that
this is not our money we're doling out.
lt belongs to our depositors,
and we can't gamble with it.
l'll remember, Mr Milton.
We'll meet at the Union Club at 7.30.
- And give my best to your charming wife.
- Thank you, Mr Milton.
- Hello.
- Oh, hello.
Hurry and get dressed.
And wear your new suit.
We're going to dinner
at the Embassy Club.
Don't worry, it won't cost
a nickel. We got invited.
- Who invited us?
- Miss Peggy Stephenson.
She called up, said her father was a friend
of yours. She sounded like a nice kid.
She's going out with some boyfriend
and asked us on a double date, as guests.
- You told her we could go?
- You bet l did.
Well, call her up and tell her we can't go.
Tell her l made another engagement.
- Say, who is this Peggy Stephenson?
- She's a girl.
l didn't think she was a kangaroo.
Where'd you meet her?
The night l got back, Al Stephenson
and his wife took me home.
She's their daughter.
l'd never seen her before.
Or since?
lf you wanna make anything out of this,
you'll be disappointed.
l just don't like accepting handouts.
You'd better get used to it, cos we won't
get much fun on your 32.50 a week!
Hold still!
You'll probably have to make a speech.
lt's my plan to meet that situation
by getting well plastered.
- Peggy's going out with Woody Merrill.
- Who's he?
- You know, Bill Merrill's son.
- Oh, yeah.
Fine people, the Merrills.
Strictly TCR.
- What's that?
- Top credit rating.
- Are his intentions honourable?
- l doubt it.
But they're going to be chaperoned
by Fred Derry and his wife.
Fred Derry? Ha! Some chaperone!
- l think she's crazy about him.
- Who, Merrill?
No, Fred.
Have you got evidence
to support that amazing statement?
- Just a hunch.
- Oh.
But my hunches are pretty good.
- Ah! Cocktails!
- No, you don't.
l made this for Woody Merrill.
Surely you wouldn't deny your father
a drop on a cold night like this.
- l would if l could.
- l hear you're gonna see Fred, hm?
- Yes.
- What's his wife like?
l don't know. l'll tell you later.
They'll have cocktails at the Union Club.
l know the kind Mrs Milton serves:
pink, sweet and nauseating.
l was just asking Peggy about Fred's wife.
Never mind, Mom.
l know what you're both thinking.
What are we thinking?
You're afraid l may be in love with Fred.
- Why, l never had any such idea!
- Shut up, Al.
Are you in love with him?
But l don't want to be.
That's why l asked him and his wife
to go out with us this evening.
l think it ought to have
a very healthy effect on me.
Once l get to know her, l...
l'm sure l'll stop being silly
about the whole thing.
We don't need to worry about that child.
She can take care of herself.
That's what she thinks.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- You know my father.
- Mr Stephenson.
- Nice to see you again. Have a drink?
- Thank you.
l've played golf with your father.
- Been to the club since you got back?
- l haven't had a chance.
- Al, we'll be late.
- Right.
- Good night.
- Night.
- Have a good time, children.
- Thank you.
Give my best to Fred.
Al, come on!
Yes, Mr Milton!
- Hello, Peggy.
- Oh, Woody, don't be a bore.
We'll be late.
Our country must stand today
where it has always stood,
the citadel of individual initiative,
the land of unlimited opportunity for all.
lt is peculiarly appropriate
that we meet here tonight to honour one
who has valiantly fought for that freedom.
Ladies and gentlemen, we greet
our friend, our co-worker, our hero,
Al Stephenson.
Come on, on your feet, Al.
On your feet.
Ladies and gentlemen,
l'm very happy to be here.
ln fact, l'm very happy to be anywhere.
ln fact, l'm very happy!
Perhaps it'd be a good idea if you just
put that bottle down
Лучшие годы нашей жизни Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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