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yes, l'm sure it's all of those.
- Don't play with those toys, bud.
- My name ain't Bud!
- Dexter, stop that.
- l just wanted to see how it worked.
You heard what Mommy said.
Ooh, Seduction. How much is that?
This is... lt's quite expensive.
lt's 16.50. But it's a nice size.
You see what l mean?
- But it's a good, safe bet.
- Just what do you mean by that?
Well, l mean it's...
it's a perfume that fits any mood.
- All right, l'll take it.
- Very good, madam.
Mommy! Mommy, look!
Bang, bang, bang, bang!
l shot it down! l shot it down in flames!
l'm very sorry... Oh, hello.
Thank you very much.
l'll be with you in just a moment, madam.
Will you take this, please?
This lady will have your package
in a moment.
- Thank you very much. Come in again.
- Thank you.
- You were wonderful.
- l wanted to smack him.
lt's against the rules to chat,
unless it's a sale.
Oh. All right, l'll buy something.
- What's this?
- Youth Recaptured, a complexion cream.
But you don't need
any of that phoney stuff.
That's vanishing cream.
This is a vanishing-cream remover.
l'll tell you how you can save money. lf
you don't put that on, you don't need this.
How about some lotion?
Here's one at $2.98.
And you'd be overcharged
at half the price.
l didn't really come in to buy anything.
Dad told me you were working here.
l just dropped in to say hello.
Just a minute. l have...
l have an hour off at one o'clock.
Are you doing anything for lunch?
- Why, no.
- Thank you, madam.
l'll meet you outside in 20 minutes.
Come in again.
Thank you.
- The apple pie, she's homemade.
- Good.
Thank you.
lt is a nice little place.
l never heard of it before.
l used to come here now and then
in the old days, before the war.
l used to think of this place
when l was overseas.
l thought ''When l get back home l'm
never gonna eat in a dump like Lucia's.''
What else did you think you wouldn't do?
l never had any clear ideas,
but there were two things l was sure of.
One, that l knew l'd never
go back to that drugstore.
What was the other thing?
That was even sillier.
l dreamed l was gonna have
my own home.
Just a nice little house for my wife
and me out in the country...
ln the suburbs, anyway.
That's the cockeyed kind of dream
you have when you're overseas.
You don't have to be overseas
to have dreams like that.
Yeah. You can get crazy ideas
right here at home.
- You have to be back at work at two?
- Yeah.
Well, hadn't you better...?
- Yeah. Check, please.
- 85c apiece for lunch, plus tax, is $1 .76.
- Thank you very much. Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Goodbye, signorina. Come again.
- We'll do that. So long.
That shouldn't have happened.
But l guess it had to.
- Goodbye, Peggy.
- Goodbye.
We were discussing this loan
to this man... What's his name?
Yes. Yes, l approved it.
May l ask, Al, on what basis?
On the basis of my own judgment.
Novak looked to me like a good bet.
But the man has no collateral, no security.
- Evidently, you saw something in him.
- Yes, Mr Milton.
- What was it?
- Security.
ln the army l was with men stripped
of everything in the way of property
except what they carried around
with them and inside them.
l saw them being tested.
Some of them stood up to it, some didn't.
But you could tell
which ones you could count on.
l tell you, this man Novak is OK.
His ''collateral'' is in his hands, in his
heart, in his guts. ln his right as a citizen.
- Nobody's denying him his rights.
- We are. lf we deny him his chance...
Gentlemen, there's no need
to raise our voices.
Of course, since you've approved
the loan, the incident is closed.
- However, in the future, Al...
- Yes, l understand, Mr Milton.
ln the future l must exercise more caution.
Thank you, Mr Prew.
Al, uh...
Al, you know how l feel
about you and always have.
Why, l've always considered you
one of the family, so to

- ...

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