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make good salesmen, men who
have suffered some kind of disability.
Come down to the office
one of these days, we'll talk it over.
- l'm sorry, Mom.
- That's quite all right, Homer.
lt won't hurt the carpet a bit.
Luella, go and get me a dishrag.
There's another one for you, Homer.
Wilma will hold it for you.
No, thanks. lf you don't mind,
l think l'll go out and walk around a bit.
Where's Homer?
He went out.
lt's home, boys, home,
home we ought to be
Home, boys, home,
back in God's country
Pick-Up Caf.
There it is, driver. Stop here.
Don't you think it's time to go home
to bed and get some sleep?
Absolutely. Sleep. But first we've got
to stop and have one last little drink.
No arguments. One drink.
Come on in, driver, and have one with us.
(  ''Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye'')
Hey, Homer!
lt's good to see you, kid.
Your friend told me you were home,
but l didn't expect you...
Hiya, Captain!
Hiya, Homer, my old shipmate! Sit down.
So you took my advice and came to
Butch's? Come on, let's have a drink.
- Hello, Homer.
- Hi, Steve!
Am l happy to see you back home again.
Go ahead, shake, pal.
lt won't bite you.
- What'll you have?
- l've dreamed of hearing that question.
Before l went in the navy
Butch would never let me drink liquor.
He'd read me lectures
on the curse of drink.
But it's different now. l'm a veteran.
Give me a whiskey, Steve. Straight.
- How about it, Butch?
- Draw a beer for the navy.
- Butch, l ordered whiskey.
- Beer.
l'm gonna take my trade to some other
joint where l don't have relatives.
What are you doing here?
Why aren't you home with the folks?
Well, they... they went to bed
and l wasn't sleepy,
so l thought ''Why not
come down and see Butch?''
Glad you did, Homer.
Well, here's to you, Butch.
How am l doing?
- Kid, you're doing great.
- Thanks.
Where did you leave Al?
Al's home in the swankiest
apartment house in town.
We'll never see him again.
Say, this is the best place we've been yet!
Hey, that's Al.
Hey, where you been?
We were just talking about you.
Oh, my aching back.
Hey, Milly. Peggy.
Step up and meet the gang.
- This is Homer, this is Fred.
- How do you do?
Homer and l were together at the Battle
of Lingayen Gulf, only we didn't know it!
- Hiya, bud.
- How do you do?
- Al, this is my uncle Butch.
- Bu...?
Oh! l hear you got a new neon sign, huh?
Good for you.
- Now the party can really get started, eh?
- This way, please.
- Let's sit. Milly, come on.
- Here's a good booth.
Fred... Sit down. Fred, where's
your wife? l want to meet her.
l haven't been able to find her.
She works in some nightclub.
We'll find it, Fred, before this night is out.
We'll deploy our forces
and comb the town. Won't we?
By all means.
We got the navy to convoy us. Huh?
First, Homer lost his hands.
He's got those hooks instead.
They don't worry him, so they don't
need to worry anybody else.
- Right.
- Now let's get seriously to work.
- Telephone.
- Thanks. Give them anything they want.
- Any kind of beer.
- What'll it be, folks?
- How are you?
- Hiya.
- Nice to see you. Looking well.
- Hello.
A little grey...
- (British accent) Well, cheers. Cheers.
- Cheers!
Homer. Homer.
OK, Butch.
Aren't you drinking?
- Excuse me, folks.
- Sure, Homer.
Gee, Butch, it's swell
to hear you playing again.
How about ''Lazy River''?
Remember that?
Sit down, Homer.
(  ''Lazy River'')
- Wilma phoned.
- Wilma?
- What did she want?
- You.
Oh, why can't they leave a guy alone?
Because they're fond of you, that's why.
What made you leave the house
and get them worried?
Oh, they... they got me nervous.
- How?
- lt's nothing. l don't wanna talk about it.
How'd they get you nervous?
Well, they...
They keep staring at these hooks,
or else they keep staring away from 'em.
You mean whatever they do is wrong.
Why don't they understand that all l want
is to be treated like everybody else?
Take Pop, for

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