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l'm a banker.
- How much?
- Take your hand out of your pocket.
- You're outranked.
- Yes, sir, Captain, sir.
- Good luck, chum.
- Thanks.
Yes, l will.
Yes, sir.
One moment, please.
One moment, please!
- Who do you wish to see?
- Mrs Stephenson.
Just a minute.
l'll have to announce you first.
Put that phone down.
l'm her husband.
- You're Mr Stephenson?
- Sergeant Stephenson.
What did you expect?
A four-star general?
l'm sorry to have kept you waiting.
- Fourth floor.
- Yes, sir.
l'll get it, Peg.
Where's Mom?
- Da...
- Sh.
Who's that at the door, Peggy?
Rob, who was...?
- l look terrible.
- Who says so?
- lt isn't fair of you to bust in on us.
- l phoned you from Portland.
- You said you wouldn't be home for...
- We were lucky.
We got a plane to Welburn. l thought
we were gonna get stuck there,
but we came right through.
- Al, are you all right?
- Sure.
- Are you all right?
- Course l am.
- Let me look at you.
- Don't look now, l need a shave.
lf you don't mind, Mom...
Dad... darling.
l'll call the Kenworthys
and tell them we won't be over.
- The Kenworthys?
- Yes.
My son.
And my daughter.
l don't recognise you.
What's happened?
Just a few years of normal growth.
Don't you approve?
l don't know yet. l've got to have
more time to get to know you.
Alice, this is Milly.
l'm terribly sorry, but we can't be over.
l mean, l'm terribly happy.
You see, Al...
My husband!
Yes. He's home.
- Freddy!
- Hortense.
Well, say!
Pat, it's Freddy.
He's home again!
- Hello, Pop.
- l wish we'd known you were coming.
We'd have had the place
kinda cleaned up.
Well? Haven't you got anything
to say to your own son?
- Glad to see you, my boy.
- Look at him, Pat.
Look at your hero son. And look at
all those beautiful ribbons on his chest.
Go on, Freddy, tell your father how you
got those ribbons and what they mean.
- Where's Marie?
- Marie?
- Yeah. ls she out?
- Marie isn't here, Freddy.
- Will she be back soon?
- She's not living with us.
- She took an apartment downtown.
- Why didn't anybody write me about it?
We were afraid it might worry you,
you being so far away.
lt was inconvenient for Marie,
living here, after she took that job.
But we forwarded all your letters
and the allotment cheques.
She took a job? Where?
Uh... some nightclub.
l don't know just which one.
The poor girl works till all hours.
- Where does she live?
- Uh... Grandview Arms on Pine Street.
But there's nothing to worry about.
Marie's fine.
We saw her last Christmas.
She brought us some beautiful presents.
- Marie's a good-hearted girl.
- You know what time she goes to work?
Uh... well, about supper time, l imagine.
Do you mind if l leave my stuff here?
l'll pick it up later.
Sure, but aren't you gonna stay
and have a bite to eat?
No, thank you, Hortense.
Well, uh... so long, Pop.
l'll be back.
Well, it's... l'm glad
to have you home, my boy.
lt's good to be home, Pop. Bye.
Here, a cap.
Here's a samurai sword, Rob.
Thanks very much, Dad.
And here's a flag l found
on a dead Jap soldier.
All that writing is good-luck messages
from his relatives.
Yes, l know. The Japanese attach a lot of
importance to their family relationship.
Yeah. Yeah, entirely different from us.
- You were at Hiroshima, weren't you?
- Mm-hm.
Did you notice any of the effects of
radioactivity on the people who survived?
No, l didn't. Should l have?
We've been having lectures
in atomic energy at school.
Mr McLaglen, our physics teacher,
he says that we've reached the point
where the whole human race has either
got to find a way to live together, or else...
- Or else.
- That's right. Or else.
When you combine atomic energy with jet
propulsion and radar and guided missiles,
just think of the...
Oh, you're just kidding me, Dad.
You've been to all these places
and you've seen everything.
l've seen nothing.
l should have stayed home

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