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'd better keep on saving it.
lt might come in handy sometime.
l appreciate the offer,
but we're eating at home.
Well, l'm hungry.
l'm going out by myself.
- You're not going. You'll eat what l cook.
- Let go of me!
When we married, the justice of the peace
said ''For better, for worse''. Remember?
- This is the ''worse''.
- When do we get the ''better''?
When l get wise to myself, l guess.
When l realise l'm not an officer
and a gentleman any more,
l'm just another soda jerk out of a job.
Go and sit down and read a magazine or
listen to the radio while l cook the soup.
l'll fix you a nice meal, honey.
Just like l used to do behind
the fountain, before the war.
Perfume and Cosmetics
is our outstanding feature.
lt accounts for 34/. of gross intake
and an even higher proportion of profits.
As you will surmise, our customers
in this department are women.
Yes, l'd surmised that.
You must familiarise yourself with the
correct pronunciation of all the perfumes.
- Rve Romantique.
- That means Romantic Dream.
- You speak French?
- Sticky, just enough to go to Paris bars.
Let's get one thing straight, Derry.
The name ''Sticky'' is out.
Yes, Mr Merkel. l understand.
This week we're pushing the new
Champagne Bubble Bath. $1 .98.
Down here are some special... Come here.
Down here are some
specially made-up toilet sets...
- Thank you.
- Morning, Mr Latham.
- Morning.
- Good morning, Mr Stephenson.
What have we here?
The Bretton Woods Agreement?
That's a Mr Novak, waiting over there.
He's applying for a Gl loan.
- Oh, good. l'll see him.
- Mr Novak.
- Sit down, Mr Novak.
- Thank you, sir.
Don't ''sir'' me, Mr Novak.
l'm a sergeant.
- l see you were in the navy.
- Yes, sir.
l mean, yes, l was. ln the Seabees.
Where'd you operate?
All over the Pacific.
One island after another.
What'd you do, mostly?
Go in before the landings and clear
the mines and underwater obstructions.
When they'd taken enough ground
for an airstrip we'd build it.
- Fairly interesting work, eh?
- No, it got monotonous.
Those islands all look alike.
Until lwo Jima. That was different.
So l've heard.
l see you have quite a family.
A wife and four children.
Yes. There'd have been more
if l hadn't been away three years.
- And now you wanna buy a farm.
- Yes, sir.
Got my eye on a fine piece of property.
40 acres, out near Anton Corners.
What about collateral?
- Collateral? What's that?
- Security for your loan.
What can you put up
in the way of property?
Have you any stocks and bonds?
Real estate? Valuables of any kind?
No, Mr Stephenson. You see, the point is,
l haven't got any property.
That's why l want the loan,
so l can get the property.
l see.
No collateral.
That makes things difficult.
l'm a good farmer, Mr Stephenson.
Why, even during the war
l kept my hand in.
l used to spend my spare time down on
those islands working truck gardens
so my outfit could have fresh tomatoes
and green corn and all that.
And before the war l was a sharecropper,
like my father before me.
And now, l feel l'd like to have
a little piece of my own to work.
- You like to grow things, eh?
- Yes, sir.
And with the food shortage
all over the world,
farming's about the most
important work there is.
l mean... Well, don't you think so,
Mr Stephenson?
You see, Mr Stephenson, l don't feel
this is asking the bank for a handout.
l feel it's my right. At least, that's what
l've been told by other ex-servicemen:
that the government
guarantees loans to us...
Your loan would be administered
through this bank,
which would put up
half of the $6,000 you require.
Now, that involves risk
for this bank, Mr Novak.
Excuse me.
- Al!
- Homer!
- Look at you!
- Look at you!
- So this is where you work.
- Sort of. Are you sticking up the bank?
Look, 200 leaves of cabbage. That's
what l get every month from now on.
- Pretty soft, eh?
- Pretty soft.
- You sure we haven't short-


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