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Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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As l remember, when you lie
flat on your back you snore.
Where's your hand?
Give me your hand.
..my souvenirs
..my souvenirs
..my souvenirs
- ls Fred all right?
- Yes. He's all right.
- You'll be comfortable here.
- Sure, Mom. Night.
Night, dear.
- Night.
- Night.
Bandits at four o'clock.
lt's all right, buddy.
You got him.
He's hit.
She's on fire. She's on fire!
The fire's spreading.
lt's Gadorsky.
There goes number four.
She's breaking formation.
Watch out for fighters.
lt's spread to the wing.
The wing's on fire!
She's out of control.
She's out of control!
She's going down!
Hey, you guys, jump!
Get outta there! Bail out!
Gadorsky, get out of that plane!
Two chutes open.
- The rest of you guys...
- Fred.
- ..get out!
- Fred, wake up!
- Gadorsky! Gadorsky!
- Wake up!
- She's burning up! Get out! Get out!
- Fred! Fred, wake up!
She's burning up!
She's gonna hit. Look out!
lt's all right, Fred. Go back to sleep.
Go back to sleep.
Go back to sleep, Fred.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
All you have to do is...
go to sleep and rest.
Go to sleep.
Go to sleep, Fred.
Go to sleep and rest.
Go to sleep, Fred.
Go to sleep.
All you have to do is rest.
Go to sleep.
Oh, l'm terribly sorry l woke you up.
Oh, that's all right. But...
l know. You're about to say ''Where am l?''
l'll tell you later, Fred.
You can sleep as long as you want.
Did he fly 1 7 s or 24s?
l don't know.
- What group was he with?
- He didn't say.
Well, what did you two talk about?
Rob, you'd better hurry up.
You'll be late for school.
Holy Moses!
l'll see you later. Bye.
Oh, excuse me, Captain.
l'm Rob Stephenson, Peggy's brother.
She's in there in the kitchen,
fixing your breakfast.
l've gotta run. Goodbye.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Sit down.
- Here, this may help.
- Thanks.
Sit down.
You're Peggy, aren't you?
For the last time, yes.
- Want some eggs?
- You think l can take 'em?
Sure, they'll be good for you.
- Like 'em scrambled?
- Any way you cook 'em.
Sleep all right?
That's good.
Can l help you with any of that business?
You can pour the coffee
if you want some.
Do you mind if l ask you
a personal question?
Where did you sleep last night?
On the couch.
- That's terrible.
- What's terrible?
l should have had enough sense to go to
a hotel and not come here, bothering you.
You didn't bother anybody, Fred.
We're very glad to have you here.
Besides, you couldn't have
gotten a room in a hotel.
Did l get out of line with you?
No. Not really.
That's good.
Cos, you see, l'm married.
Yes, l know.
l must have got pretty plastered last night.
You had nothing on my dad.
Your dad? Who's he?
Don't you remember Al?
Oh, Al. Yeah, good old Al.
- Where is he?
- Still asleep, l guess.
So you're Al's daughter.
You've got it all straight now.
- l feel a lot better.
- That's good.
- Are you married, Peggy?
- No.
You've hardly had time.
You must have been engaged, though.
Why not? What's the matter
with the guys around here?
l guess the best of 'em
are already married.
- Good morning, Fred.
- Good morning, Mrs, uh...
- Milly's the name.
- Thanks, Milly.
When Al wakes up, tell him how much l...
You're not going? You haven't even
finished your breakfast.
l haven't got much of an appetite.
Besides, l've got to get downtown.
Maybe now l can get into
where my wife lives.
l'll drive you, Fred. l've got to get to work
at the hospital. l'll just be a minute.
- l must've acted disgracefully last night.
- No.
You just fell in with bad company
at Butch's and got stinking.
You see, the whole trouble was,
l couldn't find Marie - that's my wife.
l didn't know she had a job
in a nightclub.
Could happen to anyone. lf Al had come
home later, we wouldn't have been in.
- He wouldn't have known where we were.
- How is Al?
- We don't know yet.
- Ready, Fred.
Well, when he wakes up you can tell him
l think he's a
Лучшие годы нашей жизни Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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