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Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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ex-serviceman, huh?
Greetings. Have you had
any trouble getting readjusted?
Not in particular. It's easy if you
just take everything in your stride.
That's what I've heard.
- Be seeing you.
- I doubt it.
- When did you pick him up?
- He's an old friend.
He just dropped in for a friendly drink.
- Did you know him while I was away?
- I knew lots of people.
- What do you think I did all those years?
- I don't know, but I can guess.
Go ahead, guess.
I could do some guessing myself.
What were you up to in London
and Paris and all those places?
I've given you every chance to make
something of yourself. I gave up my job.
I gave up the best years of my life!
And what have you done? You've flopped.
Couldn't even hold a job at the drugstore.
So I'm going back to work for myself.
And I'm going to live for myself, too.
And in case you don't understand English,
I'm gonna get a divorce.
What have you got to say to that?
Don't keep Cliff waiting.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm going away.
- Where?
- As far away from Boone City as I can get.
That's a good idea.
You'll get a good job someplace else.
There are drugstores everywhere.
Here's an old sweater
I found. Remember?
- Sure.
- You might need it sometime.
- Thanks, Hortense.
- You forgot these, son.
- Oh, I don't want 'em, Pop.
- What are they?
Fancy words that don't mean anything.
You can throw 'em away.
Say, these are citations for your medals.
Why, Freddy,
you never showed them to us.
Those things came in
the packages with K rations.
Well, we'll treasure them, my boy.
I'll get the socks I washed for you.
Think you're doing the right thing, son?
Going? Who's to say in advance whether
it's the right thing or the wrong thing?
It just means a fresh start
in some other place.
How do you know
it'll be different anyplace else?
There's a need here for fellas like yourself
that fought and won the war.
I know you haven't had the best of breaks
since you got back, but...
you ought to stick here and slug it out
a while longer on your own home ground.
You're all right, Pop.
But I know when it's time to bail out.
I gotta get going.
- Here are your clean socks, Fred.
- Just put 'em in here.
- Take good care of the old man.
- I'll do my best.
- But we'll miss you, Freddy.
- You ought to be used to that by now.
So long, Pop.
We've got two flights going out of here
tonight. One eastbound, one westbound.
You'll have to ask the pilot.
Which way you going?
Which one leaves first?
Eastbound. Eight o'clock.
That'll be fine. I'll just
hang around the field until then.
You don't seem to care
where you're going.
That's right, chum. I don't.
Listen to this. Sit down.
"Headquarters, 8th Air Force.
Award of the Distinguished Flying Cross."
Um... Here.
"Despite intense pain,
shock and loss of blood,
with complete disregard
of his personal safety,
Captain Derry crawled
back to his bombsight,
guided his formation
on a perfect run over the objective
and released his bombs
with great accuracy."
"The heroism, devotion to duty,
professional skill and coolness under fire
displayed by Captain Derry,
under the most difficult conditions,
reflect highest credit on himself and
the Armed Forces of the United States."
"By command of
Lieutenant General Doolittle."
Hey, bud,
what are you doing up there?
Hey, you!
What are you doing in that airplane?
- I used to work in one of those.
- Reviving old memories, huh?
Or maybe getting some of 'em
out of my system.
Well, take your last look.
We're breaking 'em up.
Yeah, I know. You're the junkman.
You get everything sooner or later.
This is no junk. We're using this material
for building prefabricated houses.
You don't need any help, do you?
- Out of a job?
- That's it.
I see. One of the fallen angels
of the air force.
Well, pardon me if I show no sympathy.
While you glamour boys were up in the
wild blue yonder, I was down in a tank.
Лучшие годы нашей жизни Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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