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Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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as it's you and seeing as I
can't find any place to hang it, all right.
But it's the last time.
If you don't like me in civilian clothes,
we'll just have to stay here all the time.
Would that be so bad?
You gotta get yourself some new clothes.
That suit's awful.
I know, it's terrible. But they tell me
you can't buy anything new now.
I know where you can get
snappy suits made to order.
- You mean there's a black market?
- If you know the right people,
and don't care how much you spend...
We're not worrying about that, baby.
I got money, cash money.
Nearly 1,000 bucks,
from the good old US Treasury.
Oh, now you look wonderful!
You look like yourself.
It's so wonderful,
I can hardly believe it.
Now we can have a real honeymoon,
without a care in the world.
Just as if nothing had ever happened.
Just as if you'd never gone away.
We're right back where we started.
- Don't say that, Marie.
- Don't say what?
That we're right back where we started.
We never wanna be back there.
But why not? What is it?
What's the matter?
Oh, never mind. Skip it. I went back to the
drugstore today and I just got reminded.
Come on, let's go out and have fun.- Hello, Wilma.
- Good afternoon, Mr Parrish.
- Have you seen Homer?
- He's in the woodshed.
He wants to practise shooting.
So he can go hunting.
You'd have thought he'd seen
enough shooting in the war.
I guess he just wants to find
something to occupy himself.
I guess so.
I wish there was something
I knew to do for him.
His mother and I have tried
to make him feel at home,
but he just keeps to himself all the time.
Hello, Luella.
What are you kids doing?
Nothing. We're just playing.
That's his girl. They're engaged.
- Oh. Hello, Wilma.
- Hello.
- Looking for something?
- No. Go right ahead.
- How'd you do, Homer?
- Only fair.
Well, you did fine.
I'll do better.
I've been wanting to talk to you.
- What about?
- About everything. About us.
What about us?
We're all right, aren't we?
No. Listen to me, Homer.
I'm listening.
You wrote me that when you got home
you and I were going to be married.
If you wrote that once, you wrote it
100 times. Isn't that true?
Yes, but things are different now.
Have you changed your mind?
Have I said anything
about changing my mind?
That's just it.
You haven't said anything about anything.
- That's not loaded, is it?
- Of course it isn't.
Don't you think I know
how to handle a gun?
I don't know what to think, Homer.
All I know is, I was in love with you when
you left and I'm in love with you now.
Other things may have changed,
but that hasn't.
You wanna see how the hooks work?
You wanna see the freak?
All right, I'll show you!
Take a good look!
I didn't mean anything, Homer.
I was only...
I'm... I'm sorry, Luella.
It isn't your fault.
Go on and play with your friends.
I know, Wilma. I was wrong.
I shouldn't have acted like that.
It wasn't her that... burned my hands off.
I'll be all right.
I just gotta work it out myself.
- I could help you, Homer, if you'd let me.
- I've gotta work it out myself.
All I've wanted is for people
to treat me like anybody else,
instead of pitying me.
I guess it's hard for them to do that.
I've just gotta learn to get used to it
and pay no attention.
- Couldn't I...?
- No! I've gotta do it myself.
- Yes?
- OK, Pop, I'm going to bed now.
Be right with you, Homer.
- Night, son.
- Good night, Pop.
- Hello, babe.
- What you got there?
Our supper. Cream of corn soup,
potato salad, salami and liverwurst.
We're going to Jackie's Hot Spot.
I made a reservation.
- We're eating at home.
- Are you sick or something?
No, dear. Broke.
- Broke?
- You got it.
Well, what happened?
Where did it go to?
We spent it, babe.
That's what happened.
I didn't tell you
the money was almost gone
because I kept hoping
I was gonna land a good job.
But I'm not going to get one,
so we'll have to forget about Jackie's Hot
Лучшие годы нашей жизни Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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