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Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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You've got it all straight now.
- I feel a lot better.
- That's good.
- Are you married, Peggy?
- No.
You've hardly had time.
You must have been engaged, though.
Why not? What's the matter
with the guys around here?
I guess the best of 'em
are already married.
- Good morning, Fred.
- Good morning, Mrs, uh...
- Milly's the name.
- Thanks, Milly.
When Al wakes up, tell him how much I...
You're not going? You haven't even
finished your breakfast.
I haven't got much of an appetite.
Besides, I've got to get downtown.
Maybe now I can get into
where my wife lives.
I'll drive you, Fred. I've got to get to work
at the hospital. I'll just be a minute.
- I must've acted disgracefully last night.
- No.
You just fell in with bad company
at Butch's and got stinking.
You see, the whole trouble was,
I couldn't find Marie - that's my wife.
I didn't know she had a job
in a nightclub.
Could happen to anyone. If Al had come
home later, we wouldn't have been in.
- He wouldn't have known where we were.
- How is Al?
- We don't know yet.
- Ready, Fred.
Well, when he wakes up you can tell him
I think he's a pretty lucky guy.
- Thank you, Fred.
- Goodbye. Thanks a lot for everything.
- Bye, Mom.
- Bye, dear.
Among my souvenirs
Among my...
- What'd you do before the war, Fred?
- I was a fountain attendant.
- A what?
- Soda jerk.
- Oh.
- Surprised?
Yes, a little.
I'll bet you mixed up
a fine ice-cream soda.
You're darn right.
I was an expert behind that fountain.
I'd toss a scoop of ice cream in the air,
adjust for velocity, altitude,
and - wham! - in the cone every time.
I figure that's where
I really learned to drop bombs.
What do you think you'll do now?
I'm not going back to that drugstore.
Somehow or other, I can't figure myself
getting excited about a root-beer float.
I don't know just what I will do,
but I'm gonna take plenty of time
looking around.
I guess after all the places you've been,
Boone City looks pretty dreary to you.
Not from where I'm sitting right now.
That's not just a line. I really meant it.
- Who's that?
- It's me, Milly.
- I brought your breakfast.
- Oh! Thanks.
- Didn't think you'd be up for hours.
- I had a dream. I dreamt I was home.
I've had that same dream
hundreds of times before.
This time I wanted to find out
if it's really true.
- Am I really home?
- Looks like it.
And you're going to be royally treated.
You're having breakfast in bed.
I seem to have a vague recollection that
we had a couple of children. Is that right?
- That's right.
- Whatever became of them?
Rob's gone to school
and Peggy's driving downtown with Fred.
Fred? Oh.
Oh, yeah, Fred.
He's a great guy.
All right?
There's your breakfast.
I have work to do.
Well, it was nice knowing you, Peggy.
That sounds like a permanent goodbye.
You never know.
You and your wife
must come up to dinner.
That'd be fine.
Oh, there's one thing more.
About that dream I had last night.
I've had it before.
- I'm sorry I bothered you with it.
- I...
But you were very kind, and you didn't
even mention it this morning.
As a matter of fact,
you've been swell about everything.
They ought to put you in mass production.
- Goodbye, Fred.
- Bye.
Maybe I'd better wait and see if you get in.
Maybe that's a good idea.
All right! All right!
Say, what's the big i...?
- Freddy!
- Hiya, babe.
Freddy, darling,
why didn't you let me know?
- You didn't give me time to fix my face.
- You look all right.
Oh, Freddy, darling, I'm so excited!
I can't believe it's you!
Come on in, honey,
where I can look at you.
Oh, you're marvellous!
All those ribbons!
You gotta tell me what they all mean.
But not now.
Let me look at you.
But how did you know I was here?
- I got in yesterday, went to Pop's house...
- Yesterday?! Why didn't...?
I came here, but you'd gone to work.
I went from one nightclub to another.
- You were looking for me?
- For my
Лучшие годы нашей жизни Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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