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Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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l don't think so.
l just dropped in to say hello to you.
l don't want that old job back.
Yes, l know.
But Midway's a big, big outfit.
You never can tell. Come along.
- Thank you, Mr Bullard.
- l'll see you later.
- l see you had a splendid war record.
- Just average, Mr Thorpe.
Since this business changed hands, we're
not obliged to give you your old job back.
l wasn't thinking of my old job.
l'm looking for a better one.
What are your qualifications?
Your experience?
Two years behind a soda fountain,
three years behind a Norden bombsight.
Yeah. While in the army, did you have
any experience in procurement?
- No.
- Purchasing of supplies, materials?
No, l just dropped bombs.
- Did you do any personnel work?
- No.
But as an officer you surely
had to act in an executive capacity,
you had to command men,
be responsible for the morale?
l was only responsible for
getting the bombs on the target.
- l didn't command anybody.
- l'm sure that required great skill.
But, unfortunately, we've no
opportunities for that with Midway Drugs.
We may be able to provide an opening as
assistant to Mr Merkel, the floor manager.
- ''Sticky'' Merkel?
- Clarence Merkel.
That's the fella. He was
my assistant at the soda fountain.
He's a very good man.
lncidentally, your work would require
part-time duties at the soda fountain.
- At what salary?
- 32.50 per week.
32.50! l used to make
over $400 a month in the air force.
The war is over, Derry.
l think l'll look around, Mr Thorpe.
Thank you, very much.
And take care of that cold.
- l gotta run. l'll drop back later.
- All right, Fred. Bye.
Excuse me, girls.
No, conditions are none too good
right now, Al.
Considerable uncertainty in business.
Strikes. Taxes still ruinous.
- You like that cigar?
- Yes, Mr Milton. lt's fine.
Hard to get those in the war, but they
come in regularly from Havana now.
Things will readjust themselves in time.
We want you back here with us, Al.
That's very nice of you, Mr Milton,
but l noticed Steese sitting at my old desk.
- l wouldn't want to push him out.
- Steese'll stay right there.
You're moving up.
What do you say to being vice president in
charge of small loans, at $1 2,000 a year?
What do you say to that, huh?
l... l'd say it can't be true.
Job's there, Al.
- You're the man for it.
- What makes you think l am, Mr Milton?
Well, your war experience
would prove invaluable to us here.
See, we have many new problems.
This Gl Bill of Rights, for instance.
lt involves us in consideration
of all kinds of loans to ex-servicemen.
We need a man who understands
the soldiers' problems,
and who's well grounded in the
fundamental principles of sound banking.
ln other words, you.
Well? What do you say, Al?
Well, l'm... l'm overwhelmed.
Of course. Of course.
- Will you bring them in now, please?
- Yes, sir.
- l'd thought of taking it easy...
- Naturally.
After what you've been through,
you need a vacation. Thank you.
You're entitled to enjoy life
before you come back to work.
- lt's very kind of you to say that.
- When you get a chance...
This contains reports with all the figures
on our Small Loans Department.
Just in your spare time, of course.
Oh, the briefcase
is a slight gift from the bank.
Well, thank you.
Thank you very much, Mr Milton.
- Glad to have you back with us, Al.
- Thank you, sir.
Sweetheart, l knew you'd be heartbroken.
But listen, you can get another blonde.
What about Sylvia Mack?
Oh, you're crazy.
l think her legs are cute.
l'm sorry too, but he doesn't
want me to work nights.
He says it's inconvenient.
Oh, he's wonderful. And how!
Snappy uniform, a whole
ribbon counter on his chest.
- Sure, l'll bring him in sometime.
- (door bell)
Hey, the door bell's ringing.
l guess that's my Freddy.
Hey, Marie, have you got an extra key?
l'd like to have it.
- What are you looking at?
- Holy smoke, honey!
That's the first time l've ever
Лучшие годы нашей жизни Лучшие годы нашей жизни

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