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to wait.
We had a good laugh with you.
The wine of 49
is not a Saperavi yet.
- If only I said what I thought...
- Why not say what one thinks?
You are free.
You two, stay.
You know the plan depends on you?
Did you hear?
I know what Saperavi is.
But one must go beyond.
Forget these niceties.
Back to work.
These cellars date to 1 789.
Here, we hold wines
of Georgia of all ages.
Wine, like man,
ages and... dies.
Don't touch.
Take this!
Open the faucet!
First, agree you two.
One says open, the other don't.
Conscience is a good thing.
Wine like this, my grandfather
used it for vinegar.
He's right.
Know how much it will cost us?
What's the fuss?
He won't sign.
Can we work like this?
- You won't sign?
- I can't.
- Why?
- I won't sign.
This is our main shop.
It always surpasses the plan.
These big barrels
are called casks.
Our head wine-maker.
These young ones
are technicians.
The quality of the wine
depends on their work.
Take them away quickly.
We'll give them to drink.
Hurry, we're busy.
What are you giving them?
That one.
You will taste
a natural red wine.
It's too much.
Drink what you can.
This comrade is not with us.
- What is this cheap wine?
- Drop it.
Who wants some more?
- May we sing?
- As much as You want.
And you, comrade,
come to the director's.
Come down!
- What is it?
- Come down!
You fight when you're drunk?
Chicken, lamb...
I don't recommend the chachlik.
- And the appetizers?
- Everything is good.
Chicken for all.
- And For the wine?
- Some white And Saperavi.
Bring us a bottle to see.
It's good.
Bring it anyways.
Of March 25th.
We're off.
What can we do?
Go to my place!
What wine do You have?
Real wine.
I want to quit smoking, I can't.
I'm expected at home.
My children...
Children, you understand.
Where were you?
Meet my boss.
You were drinking again.
We were just smoking.
Come in, or I lock you out.
I don't know what's with her.
Excuse me.
Coming, yes or no?
Behave, I'll come back for you.
I interrupted you, go on.
- Do You like it?
- Yes.
Then the director said...
You're not interested?
On the contrary, it's fascinating.
Where were you?
May I introduce Niko.
Excuse us.
- Do You know?
- Of course.
Who'd have thought?
I saw her yesterday,
didn't notice anything.
- Who did You pick up?
- What's it to you?
That one,
she knows all the gossip.
Go on. You were talking about wine.
I didn't understand a word.
The wine is bad,
and they want my signature.
- You're always so serious?
- Why?
You made us wait!
I was held up.
I forgot,
we're going somewhere.
- Coming with us?
- No, thanks.
Don't meddle with my things.
I didn't forget you drink,
play cards
and were a bad student.
Don't play the righter of wrongs.
I had to warn you.
Do what you're told!
I waited for your call.
Don't tell me lies!
Is it so hard
to grant me a moment?
Call me tonight, we'll see.
You're not very smart.
With him, one has to trick.
- What is your name?
- Niko.
He too, he drinks
and plays cards, understood?
Good luck!
Straightened you out?
Excuse me, you're a bit strange.
Wake up.
These are not times
to have principles.
Things are not that simple.
You're young,
you lack experience.
You're made fun of, yelled at.
You like that? I doubt it.
lf you insist,
you'll be sorry.
Of course, I know you're right.
But believe me,
you'll get nowhere.
Nothing can be done,
that's the way it is.
He sends you a kid.
- What kid?
- A redhead.
Call a bit later.
He says come down.
I'm busy.
I'm listening.
It's not true!
Come, we'll talk here.
He wants to talk seriously.
Hello, Otar!
I was just thinking of you.
I miss you.
Want to come and see me?
I'd like that.
I'll wait for you.
- Just playing.
- What are You up to?
He's still there?
On the spot.
- What's it to you?
- Where are You going?
- To a comrade's.
- Where are You going?
On the first

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