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What is he doing here?
Nothing. Let him go.
Let me go.
Rezo isn't here.
Something to tell him?
No need to ring, they're all out.
No luck!
What's wrong?
- I hit myself.
- You weren't in a fight?
- You were hit?
- No.
How are things with you?
All is well.
You're not married?
You are the last two.
I won three bottles.
Do you see the others?
We should meet one day.
Pick that butt up.
You didn't hear me?
Excuse me.
Stand up.
Pardon me, I didn't see.
He didn't see!
I'm very troubled,
I beg you to listen.
What do you want?
Hi, boss! Strolling?
- What happened to your eye?
- I knocked myself.
- You didn't see...
- I saw no one.
You're in a bad mood?
See you.
The salt!
- You're tired?
- I'm not tired!
Eat, as you're told.
Trouble on the job?
Say something.
Don't worry.
"Don't worry, don't worry"!
Everyday, the same song!
Stand up.
If you don't want to, say nothing.
Leave me alone.
Leave him.
What day is it?
The 12th.
Tell our friends,
family and friends
the wine is drawn August 12
and is undrinkable.
May the Lord forgive us!
Why are you late?
I have an excuse.
Write an explanation note.
For the director,
or I count it as an absence.
It's the last time!
I wanted to say...
Don't worry.
What is it?
He's an old friend.
I have guests today.
It's not papa's inn, here!
We don't give him anything!
Who are you?
Not a drop,
or you will be in trouble!
We could make a deal...
Orders from the top.
Not a drop.
What are you doing here?
Come with me.
What happened to your eye?
Nothing. Follow me.
Stand up!
Put it down.
- Is anyone aware?
- Do as I say.
- You know what you risk?
- It's none of your business.
Put it down, there.
Take care of that.
Close it!
Why are you looking at me?
So, go ahead!
Pass it to him.
- What is it?
- Alright, boss?
What's going on?
Nothing, just talking.
What are you doing?
I put gelatin in.
I put gelatin in.
It's not my fault.
Leave us.
I wasn't there.
He poured gelatin.
He's lying. He was aware.
Aren't you ashamed?
It's his fault. With your
experience, you'll understand.
We settle?
Not so loud, my boys!
He poured gelatin into 40.
- Who?
- The young one.
Call him for me.
- It deserves a beating.
- Wait.
In 40, I put...
I know. You did well.
Get out!
I come for my exercises.
Subtitles: John Lvoff
Processing: B.B. COM - ParisFALLING LEAVES
A film by Otar Iosseliani
You can't leave without eating.
How does it look?
Why do you put that black shirt?
Don't annoy your father.
I ironed a white shirt.
- Eat.
- I'm eating!
I'm eating, papa!
- Have some bread.
- I don't want to.
You hear what you're told?
Wake up!
You could shine your shoes.
- There!
- And the other?
You're incorrigible.
Button up!
I'm ashamed to walk with you.
Hands out of your pockets.
Lower your collar.
Hold the papers.
It's for your benefit.
No less than 6 photos.
Head straight.
Excuse me. You wish?
- Passport.
- Right away.
Where can we find the director?
The return of the price drop
allowed in this five year period
a saving of 2 million rubles...
I forbade
giving wine to individuals!
He asked me, I couldn't refuse.
When will you obey my orders?
May we interrupt?
Four measly decaliters!
You find that little?
Let me talk to these persons.
You have any diplomas?
Let me speak to them.
Any commendation?
Very good.
A pen.
- No sports?
- No.
I'm good at billiards.
- And cards?
- Sometimes.
- Drink?
- Sometimes.
Well. And you?
I don't drink, don't gamble.
To the lab.
And you, the cellar.
We begin right away?
Our collective will please you,
they're young and healthy.
Your turn.
All the jars you gave me
were cracked.
You can check.
- I saw it, but...
- What, but?
I didn't dare tell you.
I was troubled.
I'll go down, return,
and talk about it.

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