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mother is different
you mother needs treatment
she's dead!
I brought you back from the dead
what have you been looking at!
Our rebirth
How many have suffered and died...
Do you mean I did something wrong?
Not that!
I mean that it isn't solved by
making only one person happy!
Do you mean that it is okay to lose
someone you love for the greater good?
Anyone who loves a person, who
carries the responsibility for someone
would agree with me
Do not come between
Midori and my happiness
What are you doing?
Give Midori back!
Give her to me!
Do you know what loving a person means?
I'm going to revive her anyways
In the end I...
couldn't stop the fighting
Not only that
I have turned my back on all the tragedy
Why oh why...
was I born?
Because of what...
have I been returned from the dead?
this is not really me
I don't want this...
All the hatred
I want to forget it..
All what has happened
I want to erase it...
I understand.
Stop all this hatred
I didn't want to go through
all this pain again...
But it has come to this again
But now you will not be alone
From now on we will be together
Now I know
that we get hurt just by living!
Living is hurting your own body
We should have forgiven eachother first
The fact that we both
were living on this world
we should have just accepted that
I who critisized you!
I was wrong
We were not just alive
We had the power to dream together
We didn't know that the
beginning was insignificant
We didn't know just like as
something impossible you cannot see.
But we can't start over again
But that..
is not difficult!
Hope is our children, Luna and mine...
Translated by CrNiL
 Filesoup. comAfter fifty years of bitter warfare
the Eastern Federation
has beaten Europa's armies
and taken control
of the Eurasian continent.
But pockets of resistance
fighting the oppressive new regime,
remain in Eurasian Zone Seven.
The military mobilizes once again.
Again, families must lose their sons.
I'm honored to present my findings
to this forum of the Health Ministry.
Gentlemen, as you know,
we've beaten Eurasia
and brought it under control.
But the speed of our victory
mustn't stop us looking within.
Our nation's health is in crisis.
industrial waste...
chemical weapons have poisoned us.
Environmental diseases are epidemic
and a threat to our future.
Genetic mutations are rampant:
beyond the reach of current medicine.
Allow me to present my findings.
These are ''neo-cells'',
the fruit of my years of study.
I found them in the genome
of a primitive ethnic group.
They can be converted into any cell
All of the internal organs,
nerves, bone, skin, hair...
everything can be cultured
and harvested at our convenience.
Simply put:
'spare parts' for
the human machine.
With no risk of tissue rejection
the medical technology of our dreams
is finally at hand.
Can we use it now?
With funding, it's a matter of time.
Our clone work
is years ahead of you!
It's just a theory!
Father, must you listen further?
Yes, it's theoretical
but if I get funding
and the facilities I need,
we can save our people.
Think of your children...
your parents...
and your wives.
When the war ends, let's get married.
Is this what we fought for?
Fifty years of struggle
to end up too exhausted
to rebuild our society?
I read your paper.
"Human Regeneration Technology"
A dream come true...
...if it's possible.
Itfs definitely possible.
With more research, right?
Professor Azuma,
those fools won't recognize your work.
In fact they daren't.
It's taboo to suggest,
our original genes need improving.
Pardon me. I'm Kaoru Naito
of Nikko Hairal Inc.
We've already built a lab
to host your research.
How come?
The military's taken an interest.
General Kamijo?
The Defense Ministry is
at your disposal.
Sorry to hear your wife is unwell.

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