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Garden of Eden!
Because of that people, who had
the same dream like you died!
Well, who whispered our
dreams into their ears?
Who has led us by the
hand all this time?
Who listened willingly
to our desires to live?
Only Midori
Only Midori!
You shitheads took my mother...
- NO!
Midori came to us
You 're full of shit!.
Why and for what are you fighting?
Will your fight be finished
once you have driven us back?
Is that the promised eternal
life which you will just live?
Do you think you can just
go and live such a life?
You who was born as a body
which is not even human?
You idiot!
Do you think that when
people just live as humans
You can just simply call up this
world in which people live happily?
Hasn't human history and religion
already proven that clearly!
Because you are here... What is good...
and what is evil!
Fight me!
This world will be
made together with you!
Besides you and me there is
no-one left anymore from our kind
Don't forget that!
You are not human anymore!
Am I wrong?
Did I fight only not to regret anymore?
I just thought that I fought
just to stop this tragedy...
But wasn't that from the beginning...
...just to satisfy myself?
Like he said...
I don't know who's right and who's wrong
It could be just my hatred...
but doesn't the other do it too...
Do you think so?
I can't move
Nobody says he is right
and nobody says he is wrong
We will have to find a way to
live with eachother, together
Don't give up
Stop fighting!
I can not see yet
I didn't see what you
were talking about!
IS that proof that I am alive?
IS that what it means to be alive!
What the hell did you do?
What did you do!
We did nothing
I know
Is this hate better than
the other kind hate..
Isn't that really sad?
You didn't come to this world
to hate people
All the people who have died till now
don't want anymore hatred
How can you be so
compassionate to these people?
You too..
can be like that!
Forgive me!
- I know!
This is the last time I leave you alone!
Be careful!
How's Midori?
target the enemybase
Don't care about who's inside! Fire!
I just wanted the
lead the country my way
Prepare to fire!
Just let it go
isn't this enough?
you don't even know there are Shinzo's
their hearts are like humans!
tell me one thing!
As she told you
he was just a normal guy!
the Eurasian 7th District...
has been totally scorched
and eradicated by our Forces.
the NeoCells of Dr. Azuma's research
have been totally exterminated
The research was not completed
But it has become known that there
once existed 'an ORIGINAL HUMAN'
The first human lifeform, designated
as the first living being...
I want to believe it but...
After research the fact became clear
that you who live in the 7th district
So this Naito feller
recycled your bodies
and thus created the Shinzo mutants
but there was no development
And even worse the further they went
the more faulty the testsubjects became
So they thought...
they could increase their
results as a state company
In other words for industrial
growth, for increasing our lifespan
they cut you to pieces
ordinary people!
Its a sad story!
For a monster who says he
will increase your lifespan
Our country went crazy!
You can not say that the true relationships
between sovereign and subject are wrong
That's a sad story
I was reborn for hatred
To hate people who are wrong!
You pretend not to know
you used to be human too...
Shut up!
I could not have been a
pathetic human like you!
It is a disgrace that you
were called the Shinzo Mutants
What we will bring about
with my hands I will make it
My daughter Wonsu!
what is pain
Let me taste it!
I can not see!
I can't see!
Forgive me!
Where are you going?
I'm going home
Our house, Midori's and mine...
I know that you hate me
So don't ask me to come with you
But you're

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