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Yes, that's it...
Hurry, get ready!
The doctor will be here
soon with the sample
I told you!
- Is my NeoCell finished?
General Kamichu!
- We find ourselves in a
very difficult situation
- Not only are we at war
with the Shinzo (mutants)
- But the war with the
Terrorist has intensified too
- You have all lost
children, brothers...
- as I too have lost my
mother in a Terrorist attack
- the Terrorists in the 7th
district had taken hostages
- and they slaughtered them
- because their
demands were not granted
- but in war people die
And since those bastars are still
alive something must be really wrong!
Because of you assholes...
You Mother Fucking Assholes
my family has died...
If you want to change the world,
some sacrifices have to be made
That is to return to the time in
which man was guided by Heaven (?)
My daughter Wonsu! How painful...
must it have been until
now... It proofs how bitter
how vivid life tastes!
- That is true.
For our honour and all
that we stand for...
we have to look eachother
straight in the eye
to see WHO is the true enemy!
I can see it!
Its that!
'WHAT' is the enemy with
whom we have fought until now!
And what we so dearly
miss, what we wanted
Our Ideal State...
Mikio... forgive me.
I can forgive you
It won't hurt anymore...
We WILL be victorious
But why do so many have to die?
In the destroyed cities In the
hearts of our fallen friends
Don't you want to see the
Dream of the Ideal Sate again?
Then we would have truly won
Where are you going? Dr. Azuma!
It is over!
It's over when I say so!
If we use those Shinzo mutants
then we can save your research!
It's almost finished, isn't it?
If you continue then
with those Shinzo's...
we can realise our dreams!
What the fuck are you talking about!
What kind of stupid thing
are you planning to do?
You high class people
probably don't know...
but we of the lower social classes
we can not continue to live like this!
Don't you see! Dr. Azuma!
We can not go back!
I don't know if I should call you
'Father' since you are the one who made me
But my hatred runs as deep as the
love of a child for its parents
even though this hatred consumes
me from within and might kill me
I can not let it go!
Because... I was born in hatred
and raised through hatred
and this hatred is human!
You had another son, didn't you!
Your son Techuya from
your lovely wife Midori...
But today, Techuya...
has been reborn with a new destiny...
as MY brother!
Shall I tell you the truth now?
If you go in here...
It's all just a farce!
didn't know!
What should we...
believe in now...
When what we call life is
not the only thing anymore
For what should you keep
on living so desperately!
You will be next to me till the very end
Thank you!
Do you want to see your mother?
It's the Supreme Commander!
Do you know what it means if I
tell you that I will call you?
It means I will perform some tricks
Your coup d'etat is over!
I am informing the citizens now
that you created those Shinzo mutants
together with that
scientist called Azuma
You can not come back here anymore!
I don't want to go back
and work for such a pathetic
men like you, my father!
Midori is asleep now
What did you do to my mother!
What the fuck did you do!
She's just sleeping
in the Garden of Eden
she always dreamed of.
Garden of Eden?
Yes, Paradise!
where there's no war, a world
where everyone lives peacefully
The world I promised to make
To wait and to have to live is exactly
what makes this world such a hard place
Don't you agree?
Only to survive
how many people have died already!
to live a peaceful life
with the people they love
How many people died!
A world where there's only
a survival of the fittest
that is what this world has come to
I destroyed this world
I will make a world
without war just to live on!
That is the

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