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General Kamichu!
Let me introduce
I'm Dr. Azuma
You are that bastard
who made those mutants!
Why would you do such a thing?
I didn't mean to!
I thought you would be happier...
I didn't create them!
You didn't say how they started to move!
Shall I tell them that you came
here but you have no answers?
The Shinzo are growing
stronger every day
If you can not brief the Military on
their weakpoints or how to attack them
then we are all in danger!
You can continue your research
but your wife will be the
responsiblity of the Military
Maybe it's because you made those Shinzo
Wouldn't that be the best thing for now?
Your time will come in the end
Why do people fight?
IF you don't want to get hurt
you be the one to hit first
Dying, trying not to die...
It's always the same
Look! How did I do that?
Look at what?
aah that
Even my father died...
what should I do?
what you should do? Do that!
If you think it's
allright to pick up a gun
If you do you could end
this sorrow right now.
Stop that!
Don't say anything stupid!
You fought, didn't you!
It seems that that is all
I can do for my country...
You went to battle
of your own free will.
You don't know what war is like!
You don't know what war is...
You don't know!
What's that sound?
If you are with me you will die
You are leaving me behind?
Do you want me to be lonely?
Can't you see
what humans did to them!
If you look at yourself
you are obviously human
you are a warm and lovely human!
I am not human!
I don't have anyone else but Techuya...
- Luna!
Get yourself together!
Don't die!
You have to live!
Follow me!
Beloved citizens of the
Great EastAsian Federation
I bring you sad news
A few days ago our General Kamichu
has fallen in a violent
anti-government Terrorist attack
Luckily he is still alive But
he can not resume his duties
Therefore the Senate has decided
to appoint me Kamichu Mikio
To take over my father's duties
He called me Frenda (friend?)
But we are not even close...
Typical Airpollution...
We have to take drastic measurements
- For humans, By humans, We
have to build our ideal State
It should be a country as
good to live in as its name...
What were you two doing over there?
that is so polluted it is
dangerous to be there...
You should not go there if you
don't have a good reason to be there!
What's your name?
I'm Techuya
hmm... Techuya...
I had a son of your age...
Did you see the
wastepiles on the way here?
Many people must have died...
Here's nothing left anymore
What happened?
Don't let anyone in!
What's so dangerous?
Don't you know there are Spies!
You are paranoid!
They believed there used to be here
a Protector (God) called Casshern
Because of that believe...
We lived together without any problems
But not long ago this peace
wasn't meant to be anymore
because of petty rivalry
with our neigbouring countries
Without cause these violent
Terrorist released their anger...
Fear and paranoia has
frozen our hearts to ice
We, bunch of mistrusting lot
We invaded other countries in the name
of selfdefense (sounds like George Bush^^)
Casshern has probably already left us
In the end a joined invasion was staged
They're humans, aren't they!
Let's go!
Stop it!
Why do you attack them?
We can not let them get away
This place is already dead!
No, not yet!
These Terrorist keep on coming!
Maybe they are terrorists too!
I don't know!
I am just following orders
I don't know whether I
should kill you or not
Come on, I'm on your side
He is one who has lost
everything because of them.
Can this village be saved?
That bloody bastard!
It's fair now!
Who the fuck are you?
You have a human body!
Open it!
Kill them all!If you win
then save these people
My name is P'rasin!
My name is..
- Beloved citizens of the
Great EastAsian

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