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My daughter is inside!
I'll come with you.
What's wrong?
It is going this way
I will inform you as
soon as I know more...
Let's go inside
Get a hold of yourself!
What are you doing?
What are you doing! Azuma!
Techuya is dead!
I don't want to come back, father!
Stop I said!
Kozuki! Help me
What happened?
Let's go out through that door
Techuya asked you
Techuya asked? What do you mean...?
He asked you not to
change imperfect humans
Don't die...
You have to live
Don't freakin' die on me!
What did you do!
What the hell did you do...!
Thank you. Proceed
They might go to the 7th district
- Kozuki Residence
This is a prototype armor
suit which I have developed
Its not finished yet but it can
withstand all kinds of outer pressure
It is designed for fast attacks
Techuya's muscles have grown excessively
If it continues he will
burst out of his skin
We have to block this pressure
You don't like war, do you!
People dying...
Its pretty stupid, isn't it?
When will it end?
How many more have to
die to make this end?
Will there ever be peace?
We live!
Yes, we undoubtedly are alive
But the humans don't see it that way
They not only hunt us
down, but also slaughter us
As if they bring justice to the evil...
But we have the same rights as they do!
Life is a struggle for survival!
The wish to be alive is
stronger than anything else!
Is it so superior to only
glorify one kind of life?
There are no grounds for that!
But the humans have created
us (for visible balance)
If that is their right to do,
than the opposite must be true too
We also have that right
and the possibility.
We will build ourselves an Empire
A place to give our lives
to... A place to live for...
A place to guide our dreams
We will found an Empire of
the dead Shinzo! (Mutant human)
We will exterminate...
All humans!
We are the Shinzo!
Is everything ready for the next attack?
All strategies to counter any
kind of attack are in place.
According to the report
they have 8 scientists
They have scientists who are working on
Computer, Armor suit, Nuclear Programs
It is safe to use it
as our new facilities
What is the situation of the facility?
Then we will pursue our goals of
an Empire through these scientists
never mind...
According to this new info the
Shinzo are going after this facility
It says they will use the
scientists to make robots
The Military has from now on, not only
to all keyfigures of the government
but also to all scientists, biologists,
physicists, issued an official warning
This is as much as I can do
It's not finished but it will
stop Techuya bodily pressure
You are Kozuki of the special
Armor Suit Research team, right?
I will escort you!
The fate you have to bear
is so harsh...
But that also...
must have a meaning
It undoubtedly has
You have to realise that
I'm so sorry!
Don't look back
Techuya! stand up!
You have to get up!
Who the fuck are you?
How come you are still alive?
Get out!
- Get lost!
Are the NeoCells not finished yet?
I don't have much time left!
If you say it's not finished yet then
there's no need for you to be alive!
No you can not! Naito!
You are all the same!
You don't care about anyone else
- Say it again!
I said you only care about your own ass.
As a son of the General
you should know better!
Can you not see the enemy who is
right in front of you? The Shinzo.
That even in this situation you
petty people just continue on
You rule this Nation...
I just can't ignore it.
Do you have any idea
what you are saying?
OF course!
From now on the Great Asian
Federation is under my rule!
I'm sorry but the time in
which old men rule us is over!
Are you

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