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It's over.
There's no going back.
I don't intend to go back.
Certainly not to you.
Was I wrong?
I fought for good reasons.
Just like he said...
I don't know right from wrong.
If you embrace hatred,
your enemy does too.
In this way...
nothing changes.
Nobody is always right,
and nobody is always wrong.
The answer is co-existence.
Don't give up.
End the fighting.
I still don't see it.
What you say you saw.
So I must still be alive...
If this is living...
What have you done?
What on earth?
We did nothing.
I understand.
But hatred just brings more hatred.
My son, Tetsuya also
lost his life in the war.
I'd be lying if I said it doesn't hurt.
But holding on to my hatred
will not bring back my son.
Or can you be so kind?
You can, too.
Forgive me...
It's the last time I leave you.
Do what you must.
Where's my wife?
Target their H.Q.!
- But your son's inside.
- I don't care. Fire!
I too, did what I thought
best for our nation.
Prepare to fire again.
Isn't that enough?
They may be a new breed to you.
But inside they're human.
I'll tell you something.
She's not wrong.
You are human.
Eurasia, Zone Seven.
Remnants of ethnic-cleansing.
Azuma is not your "father".
His neo-cell research failed.
We did discover though
your people are our ancestors...
the "original humans".
That's right.
Hate to admit but
Zone Seven is where civilization began.
Naito brought you in
to extract the neo-cells.
But the research failed.
Not enough bodies.
Then we had the idea
to make national policy
fit medical needs.
In other words
you were carved up
to help my father live longer.
It's like a bad joke.
A crazy policy driven by
the greed for long life.
Your lofty theory is wrong.
Destined to hate us because you are us.
Without even knowing!
Don't you dare compare us!
You vermin are our ancestors.
Mutant trash I'll tidy myself!
Feel my pain.
I don't see anything.
I don't see it at all.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Where are you going?
I'm going home.
To our house.
Don't worry, I won't ask you to come.
But your mother needs treatment.
She's dead.
But you came back.
Have you been blind
to the suffering caused by my return?
Are you blaming me?
That's no t it!
It's not about one person's happiness.
You don't care if she dies.
If you'd ever loved someone
then you'd understand.
Don't get in the way of our happiness.
What are you doing?
Give her to me.
I won't.
Do you know what it is to love?
I'II soon bring her back.
What the hell...
was the point of my life?
What the hell...
was the point of my rebirth.?
This isn't really me...
I can't help what I'm doing...
I don't want to hurt you...
I want to run away...
from the pain...
Forget everything...
Start all over...
I know.
Let's end the hatred here.
I didn't want to cause more pain
but it came to this.
You won't be alone again.
I'll be with you always.
Just us two from now on.
At last I understand.
We hurt others by our very existence.
That's just the way we live.
We need to learn to forgive.
Need to realize that existence
is to be shared.
We 're not just here to exist;
but to find the strength to co-exist.
It may start from something small,
it may even seem impossible.
But we must start from somewhere.
...our legacy.

- Daenseo-ui sunjeong
- -

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