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I kill...
every single one of you.
Flight 18 request permission to dock.
Permission granted.
Promise me one thing.
If you win...
you'll help these people.
Fair enough.
My name is Barashin.
And mine is...
Our strong nation forged through pain
inspires and protects.
Long shall she remain.
Then will come wisdom
and deep, silent faith.
May the dreams of our fathers
flourish by our glad sacrifice.
Rejoice in our duty.
'Tis all that need suffice.
My dear countrymen,
We are facing a great challenge...
That's correct.
Get ready as soon as you can.
We fight Neo-Sapiens,
we fight terrorists.
Professor's bringing new samples.
Are my neo-cells ready, yet?
You sacrifice sons, brothers...
your pain is beyond measure.
Or maybe these things don't even exist?
But I too, understand your pain.
Many years ago...
My own mother was another victim.
Taken by Zone Seven terrorists.
She was tortured
and then killed.
I hated my father for not saving her.
You've no right to be alive!
Because of your kind...
My own family is dead.
The tide of history brings pain.
But it returns with wisdom.
Feel my...
I didn't fight it.
I gave myself up to the pain.
I became a better soldier,
a better person.
In the cause of honor and justice,
for our great nation.
Let us reconsider
our true enemy
and focus on victory.
I see it now...
At last, I see it too.
That's what she meant.
We must prepare for the struggle
against this incredible evil and
remember the dream of our new nation.
It's okay, now.
Forget it.
All forgiven.
I hope...
you're at peace now.
Didn't we win the war?
Why are our soldiers still dying?
Amid the rubble and the funerals...
the seeds have been sown
of our final victory.
Where might you be going?
It's all over.
I'll decide that.
Experiment on the Neo-Sapiens,
you're nearly there.
Study the lightning...
Don't forget our dream.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
A nice girl like you
wouldn't understand
but for us commoners
this is the only way we can be.
Right, Professor?
There's no going back.
This is the place of my birth.
I should call you 'Father'.
But my hatred is as deep
as a child's love.
Even though it consumes me
I can never set it free.
Was born in hatred,
raised in hatred.
Just like a human.
And your other son...
Tetsuya, born of the gentle Midori.
Today he's reborn
as my brother.
Let's hear the truth.
If I can just...
get in here...
What a farce.
I didn't know...
...it was a trick.
Let me just...
get in here...
If we get a second chance at life
why live it to the full?
I'll deal with you in a minute.
Thank you.
Want to see your mother?
She's sleeping.
What did you do to her?
She's just asleep...
In a place beyond pain.
Beyond pain?
With no war,
only harmony for all.
My promise to her.
Man's never content with what he has.
His existence results
in countless deaths.
Striving for the basics of life
he condemns thousands to death.
He fights in pursuit of peace.
That's the world man has built.
I'll destroy it and make a new one.
A paradise.
You kill others
with the same dream.
Did a single one of them
listen to us?
Did anyone think to help us?
To listen to our plea for life?
Only Midori.
The only one.
You kidnapped her.
She helped us.
I don't believe you.
What are you fighting for?
If you kill us, will it be over?
Will that bring peace and simplicity?
Can man live like that?
You, a freak yourself...
...stop dreaming.
If man doesn't change,
there'll be no end.
History and religion prove it.
Can you tell between good and evil?
Join with me.
Let's make a new world.
You're my only ally.
Don't forget,
you're not human either.
You know why I'm calling...
Up to your old tricks...
The coup diktat is over.
It's on the news.
I'm blaming you for the Neo-Sapiens.
You and that


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