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Who the hell are you?
Where is my mother?!
You're supposed to be dead.
Get lost!
Go away, freaks!
Are your 'neo-cells' ready?
I can't afford to wait.
What use are you, if you can't deliver?
No more excuses, Naito.
As selfish as ever.
All you think about is yourselves.
How dare you!
Old farts saving their own skins.
Even for the general's son,
this is unforgivable.
Our nation faces the Neo-Sapien threat
yet your only worry is your health?
That's unforgivable.
You know this is treason?
Of course.
The Eastern Federation is now mine.
Sorry. The era of
brain-dead idiots is over.
Satisfied, now?
Commander Kamijo.
Let me introduce
Professor Azuma.
Father of the Neo-Sapiens?
Why did you lie to him?
That's strange.
I thought you'd be pleased.
I didn't create them.
I don't know how they came to life.
It's too late to claim ignorance.
They grow stronger by the day.
If we don't find their weakness,
learn how to fight them...
our own lives may be in danger.
Keep up your research.
In return, the army will find your wife.
Stick to the story, old chap.
Don't rock the boat.
Your time has come at last.
Why must people always fight?
Who did this?
We're hurt, so we hurt in turn...
We 're killed, so we kill in turn...
Endless repetition.
I can see it.
What must I do?
What can you see?
A vision...
of how it might've been...
And now...
my own father killed...
What should I do?
What would be best?
Of peace...
Shall I get a gun and kill?
I will.
If it'd taken away the pain.
Should I fight, too?
Stop talking nonsense.
But you fought?
It's my duty.
You wanted to go to war.
You've no idea what war is like...
You've no idea what war is like.
You've no idea what war is like.
Get out of here.
What do you mean?
If you stay with me,
You'll end up dead.
You want me on my own again?
Don't leave me!
I'm to be alone again?
Don't leave me!
Luna, listen.
You saw it too, right?
What humans do to others.
I don't care what form you take.
You're still human.
You're still kind.
I'm no longer human.
You're all I've got.
You mustn't die.
Hold on!
Dear countrymen. I have sad news.
Several days ago, my beloved Father,
was injured in a terrorist attack.Thank fully his life isn't in danger
but he can't fulfill his normal duties.
Yesterday, the cabinet appointed me
to continue to work in his place.
His name's Flender.
Doesn't normally like strangers.
It's contamination.
I can only do basic treatment.
Sit down.
It's not much but take it all.
We must build the ideal,
the most humane society
the world has ever seen.
I hope we get it right this time.
What were you doing out there?
The pollution's so bad
no-one risks it.
Unless they're on the run.
What's your name?
It's Tetsuya.
Tetsuya, huh?
I had a son your age.
You saw the ruins?
There was a lot of killing...
And a lot of people are taken away
and never returned.
Practically nothing left.
What now?
Don't trust outsiders!
It's dangerous.
What is?
He may be a spy.
That nonsense, again...
Tetsuya, once upon a time,
we believed in
"Casshern", a guardian spirit.
Maybe that's why we lived in peace
and prospered for many years.
But one day that all changed.
A border disputes with our neighbors.
Some senseless fighting.
Suspicion ruled our every move.
We forgot how to trust people.
Invaded our neighbors
for "self-defense".
I guess Casshern gave up on us.
Then we were invaded.
Humans again?
Let's go.
Why attack these people?
Deserter... why do you care?
The war should be over now.
There are terrorists everywhere.
These people aren't terrorists.
I don't give a damn.
I just follow orders.
Wouldn't be you if you shoot.
As you heard, I was once one of them.
We robbed you of everything.
Can you save my people?
Is that him?
You're mine...
Who are you?
Think you can escape?

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