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Congratulations with your engagement!
Thanks, father!
Kozuki! I'm so sorry!
Please excuse me, but I have to make
preparations for the new research facility
- 1 Year Later
- The 7th District Frontline
Shoot! Fire damn it!
If you don't shoot I will shoot you!
Just hold on a little bit longer...
I will come back and save you!
- Asian Federation Military Base
Please wait a moment.
Dr. Azuma!
Dr Kozuki is waiting in the lobby.
send him in
In here?
- Yes!
- Yes, sir.
I'm sorry that I called you over.
- Did you come with Luna?
- Yes, she's waiting in the lobby.
She wanted to have dinner with Midori.
That's a good idea! Let's get
together and talk sometime.
Midori must be lonely too, now.
Yes... Already 1 year has passed.
It seems that Luna is having a
hardtime cause of this Tetsuya punk.
Still no word from him?
At the very least he should write me...!
For starters he enlisted
into the army just to defy me!
Well, he's a man and isn't it natural
for a man to want to surpass their father?
That prick doesn't respect me.
Because I am too absorbed in my research
I have thrown away your family life
And I still haven't
been able to save Midori
But aren't you almost
finished? Your NeoCells...
Amazing! already this much...
Good work!
aah well...
If you get injured at the front
you can replace it with that.
You make people like me, who make
armor suits, useless, I'll lose my job.
It's not finished yet
But there's no time anymore!
Midori... Is her situation that bad?
She is almost completely blind
But she still continues working
The structure of the
leaves are being destroyed.
The color is darkening
Aren't they taken care of?
How are the delegates?
- I don't know...
- wait!
Did you hear that?
no I didn't hear anything...
No, someone's coming.
- I'm sorry but would you check it out for me?
- yes
I'm back!
You said you couldn't make it.
Wouldn't it be better if I helped you?
I have to make it work!
No really...!
I can't believe it... You have returned!
I will have to thank the Gods!
Have you seen Luna yet?
I am about to.
You have to, she has
been waiting for you!
I know..
Oh just look at how I behave!
She is coming to our house
to have dinner with us.
Everybody will be so surprised!
What's wrong?
They say he's dead!
Sergeant Techuya Azuma...
On 16 September...
has died with honour
Sergeant Techuya Azuma has bravely
fullfilled his mission till the very end
He was truly..
Truly a great soldier
He was an gentleman
with great compassion
He was...
a great warrior.
The Military will take care of the
funeral of second lieutenant Azuma.
We will pay for everything,
arrange it according your wishes.
I have left you alone
for meaningless work
Even though the most precious thing
was right here sitting next to me
I didn't realise that
time goes past so fast
I know I am too late
But from now, I will always be with you
His remains will be sent here
They will hold a State Funeral for him,
Did you tell Midori...?
They already informed her
Abnormality in the Bio-chamber!
We don't know what's causing it!
Tank! Tank! The circuit
can not regenerate!
We have to cut the synclines!
What's that?
The Bio signature is changing
this... NeoCell...
It's the NeoCell!
They are joining on their
own... It is regenerating!
Dr Azuma! What is going on?
Code 206 sound the alarm! Code 206!
Its me! Naito! Do it...!
Hurry up!
Dr. Azuma! We have to leave!
Open the door!
Open the damn door!
- Who has ordered a 206!
- Director Naito...
That stupid shitbrain!
It probably has escaped
through the drainage
- Look for it!
- wait!
wait! Bloody wait!
We're done inside,
search outside. Outside!
We don't take orders from you.
I am the one who had
the General talk to you!
Your soldiers should just obey me!
Go outside!
Inform the Headoffice!


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