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They're coming for dinner tonight.
It'll be such a surprise.
Ikegami-san, Ikegami-san!
What's wrong?
My son...
he's dead...
September 16 th, Sergeant Azuma,
made the final sacrifice,
losing his life in duty
for god and country.
A most...
a most noble and heroic end.
After posthumous promotion,
he'll be buried tomorrow.
A state funeral
with full military honors.
You may view the body tonight.
Please get ready.
I messed up; now you're alone.
We had all the time in the world,
so I took you for granted.
I know it's too late, now...
but I'll never leave your side again.
His body's on the way here.
The funeral's tomorrow.
Did you tell Midori?
She already knows.
Pressure overload. Cause unknown!
Osmosis tank failure!
Shut down the vacuum feed.
What's going on?
What the hell's that?
Culture fluid's transforming.
What the...
The neo-cells...
It's the neo-cells.
Organs are recombining.
Professor, what's going on?
What the...?
What is it?
Code 206, code 206!
It's me, Naito!
Get in here, now!
Professor, let's go!
Open up!
We're still in here!
They're coming...
Go secure the overflow!
Hold up!
Set up an outside perimeter.
Who said we take orders from you?
The whole project's my responsibility.
Grunts shut up
and do as they're told.
All of you, outside!
Get me H.Q.
What happened?
Naito here. I'm inbound.
I'II report when I get in.
They're escaping by vehicle.
With a hostage.
Seal off Eurasian Zone Three.
Where's my wife?
Hold on, my dear.
What's going on?
Are you out of your mind?
Your son is dead.
I don't want to come back.
Give me a hand.
How on earth can this be?
You can escape through that door.
Look after Tetsuya.
You mustn't die.
Hold on!
Don't die.
Don't die.
Dear God...
What have you done?
Foreign agitators are still at large.
Heavily contaminated with infection,
please report their presence.
Let's see I.D.
Please proceed.
It seems they're heading
for Zone Seven.
Kozuki Residence.
This is the body armor I developed.
It completely shields the soldier
and lets him move like lightning.
Tetsuya's muscle is so over developed
he may tear himself apart.
We must contain the internal pressure.
Hold on!
Sekiguchi, don't die!
...you so hated the war.
Wondered when it would end...
How many would have to die...
If peace would ever come...
We live!
Against all odds, we survived.
Did men recognize our right to life?
No. They murdered our brothers.
As if they had the right to judge.
As if they deserved such power.
We have equal right to life.
It can't be rationed.
Nor denied at birth.
No way.
Of course it can't!
But man presumed to judge us.
If they claim this right,
then so can we...
We'll have our revenge.
We'll build a kingdom here.
Live our lives to the full
and do what we must.
Let us be called "Neo-Sapiens"
We hereby vow
to eliminate mankind.
We are the Neo-Sapiens.
Bow down before us.
Are we ready for the next offensive?
Two divisions are standing by.
Intelligence reports eleven scientists
in the target area.
Roboticians, nuclear physicists
and an armor specialist.
Perfect for our new factory.
Is it ready?
Bring me those scientists.
Let them contribute to our power.
Forget it.
Reports indicate
military scientists
being abducted
to work in robot factories.
Our military is strengthening defense
of civilian installations.
That's as much as I can do.
It's not perfect
but it'll stop him bursting apart.
Dr. Kozuki, armor specialist.
He's ours now.
Puny human.
My boy...
My boy...
Fate has something in store for you.
It's going to be tough.
There's got be a reason for it.
There must be...
You must seek out your destiny.
I'm sorry.
Never look back.
Tetsuya, get up.
Come on.
Tetsuya, wake up!
Where is she?!

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