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industrial waste...
chemical weapons have poisoned us.
Environmental diseases are epidemic
and a threat to our future.
Genetic mutations are rampant;
beyond the reach of current medicine.
Allow me to present my findings.
These are "neo-cells",
the fruit of my years of study.
I found them in the genome
of a primitive ethnic group.
They can be converted into any cell
to regenerate human tissue.
All of the internal organs,
nerves, bone, skin, hair...
everything can be cultured
and harvested at our convenience.
Simply put:
Spare parts for
the human machine.
With no risk of tissue rejection
the medical technology of our dreams
is finally at hand.
Can we use it now?
With funding, it's a matter of time.
Our clone work
is years ahead of you!
It's just a theory!
Father, must you listen further?
Yes, it's theoretical
but if I get funding
and the facilities I need,
we can save our people.
Think of your children.
your parents...
and your wives.
When the war ends, let's get married.
Is this what we fought for?
Fifty years of struggle
to end up too exhausted
to rebuild our society?
I read your paper.
"Human Regeneration Technology"
A dream come true...
...if it's possible.
It's definitely possible.
With more research, right?
Professor Azuma,
those fools won't recognize your work.
In fact they daren't.
It's taboo to suggest,
our original genes need improving.
Pardon me. I'm Kaoru Naito
of Nikk o Hairal Inc.
We've already built a lab
to host your research.
How come?
The military is taken an interest.
General Kamijo?
The Defense Ministry is
at your disposal.
Sorry to hear your wife is unwell.
What're you getting at?
Work with us...
let all our dreams come true.
Azuma Residence
Azuma Residence
Dr. Kozuki, move to the right.
Dr. Kozuki, move to the right.
That's it.
Maybe place a hand
on your daughter's shoulder?
Ok a y, that's wonderful.
Smile, please.
Is your mind made up?
With your mother ill?
And what about Luna?
I can't stay here
while my friends are fighting.
You hate being a doctor that much?
It's my duty to my country.
You've no idea what war is like.
It can't be worse than cowardice.
Let's no t fight today...
Forget it, Mother.
Go ahead, please.
Congratulations on your engagement.
Thank you.
Kozuki, excuse me.
My new lab opened last week.
One Year Later
Eurasia, Zone Seven
Shoot, shoot!
Kill her.
Do it or you're next.
Be patient.
I'm going to find a cure.
Eastern Federation, Defense Ministry
Eastern Federation, Defense Ministry
Culture lab.
One moment, please.
Dr. Kozuki is downstairs.
Bring him up.
Up here?
That's right.
Right away.
Impressive security.
Sorry for the sudden invite.
Is Luna with you?
She's in the lobby.
Midori wanted to see you both.
A nice idea after so long.
She must get lonely.
Has it been a year already?
Thanks to my son...
Luna must be suffering.
Still no word?
No t to me, at least.
He went to war to spite me.
Sons always defy their fathers.
He despises me.
I put my work before family
but can't even cure my own wife.
Isn't the neo-cell treatment
nearly ready?
It's incredible what you've done...
Fixing wounded men
with new organs...
makes my armor
research redundant.
It's far from complete.
And I'm out o f time.
Is she that ill?
She's almost blind.
Still doing research, though...
There's selective leaf decay
and dark ending overall.
Poor nutrition, perhaps?
How about the others?
Here they are.
Did you hear something?
No, I didn't.
I think someone just arrived.
I'm sorry. Would you go check?
I'm home.
Can you find a cure?
Then, shouldn't you be with her?
I mustn't give up.
I'm so glad you're home safely.
We must be thankful.
Did you see Luna, yet?
I'll see her soon.
You must. She waited so long.
I know...
I'm so

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