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Without even knowing!
Don't you dare compare us!
You vermin are our ancestors.
Mutant trash I'll tidy myself!
Feel my pain.
l don't see anything.
I don't see it at all.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
Where are you going?
Ifm going home.
To our house.
Don't worry, I won't ask you to come.
But your mother needs treatment.
She's dead.
But you came back.
Have you been blind
to the suffering caused by my return?
Are you blaming me?
That's not it!
Itfs not about one person's happiness.
You don't care if she dies.
If you'd ever loved someone
then you'd understand.
Don't get in the way of our happiness.
What are you doing?
Give her to me.
l won't.
Do you know what it is to love?
Ifll soon bring her back.
What the hell...
was the point of my life?
What the hell...
was the point of my rebirth.
This isn't really me...
I can't help what I'm doing...
I don't want to hurt you...
I want to run away...
from the pain...
Forget everything...
Start all over...
l know.
Let's end the hatred here.
l didn't want to cause more pain
but it came to this.
You won't be alone again.
Ifll be with you always.
Just us two from now on.
At last l understand.
We hurt others by our very existence.
That's just the way we live.
We need to learn to forgive.
Need to realize that existence
is to be shared.
We're not just here to exist;
but to find the strength to co-exist.
It may start from something small,
it may even seem impossible.
But we must start from somewhere.
...our legacy.
Yusuke Iseya
Kumiko Aso
Akira Terao
Kanako Higuchi
Fumiyo Kohinata
Hiroyuki Miyasako
Mayumi Sada
Jun Kaname
Mitsuhiro Oikawa
Susumu Terajima
Mayu Tsuruta
Tetsuji Tamayama Yoko Moriguchi
Hideji Otaki
Tatsuya Mihashi
Toshiaki Karasawa
Director / Cinematography /Editing
Kazuaki Kiriya
Ripped GuchiAfter fifty years of bitter warfare
the Eastern Federation
has beaten Europa's armies
and taken control
of the Eurasian continent.
But pockets of resistance
fighting the oppressive new regime,
remain in Eurasian Zone Seven.
The military mobilizes once again.
Again, families must lose their sons.
I'm honored to present my findings
to this forum of the Health Ministry.
Gentlemen, as you know,
we've beaten Eurasia
and brought it under control.
But the speed of our victory
mustn't stop us looking within.
Our nation's health is in crisis.
industrial waste...
chemical weapons have poisoned us.
Environmental diseases are epidemic
and a threat to our future.
Genetic mutations are rampant.
Beyond the reach of current medicine.
Allow me to present my findings.
These are "neo-cells",
the fruit of my years of study.
I found them in the genome
of a primitive ethnic group.
They can be converted into any cell
to regenerate human tissue.
All of the internal organs,
nerves, bone, skin, hair...
everything can be cultured
and harvested at our convenience.
Simply put:
"Spare parts" for
the human machine.
With no risk of tissue rejection
the medical technology of our dreams
is finally at hand.
Can we use it now?
With funding, it's a matter of time.
Our clone work
is years ahead of you!
It's just a theory!
Father, must you listen further?
Yes, it's theoretical
but if I get funding
and the facilities I need,
we can save our people.
Think of your children...
your parents...
and your wives.
When the war ends, let's get married.
Is this what we fought for?
Fifty years of struggle
to end up too exhausted
to rebuild our society?
I read your paper.
"Human Regeneration Technology"
A dream come true...
...if it's possible.
It's definitely possible.
With more research, right?
Professor Azuma,
those fools won't recognize your work.
In fact they daren't.
It's taboo to suggest,
our original genes need


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