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Your Majesty, His Highness Prince Philip
will set sail the instant he learns
there is no threat
of further civil discord.
Or, more accurately,
no longer any focus for such discord.
Such as one now
inhabiting this tower, ma'am.
Ma'am, I cannot put it any plainer.
If you want to marry Philip,
Jane Grey and her husband must both die.
Your Grace, I am just the message bearer.
So, Excellency, I...
Tell me, I wonder if these children
would be less a threat
if they embraced the true religion?
So, is there any news, Sir John?
The Duke of Suffolk was arrested
by the forces of the Crown
two hours ago at Temple Bar.
I am sorry.
Who did the rebels call for?
Did they call for anyone?
Yes, my Lord.
They shouted for Queen Jane.
Jane Dudley, Guilford Dudley,
you have been found guilty
of high treason.
The sentence of the court
is that you, Jane Dudley,
be beheaded within the precincts
of the Tower.
And Guilford Dudley, that you be taken
from that place to Tower Hill,
where your head
shall also be struck from your body.
"The soul takes flight
to the world that is invisible,
but there arriving, she is sure of bliss."
- This is the Queen's confessor...
- Jane!
- Guilford!
- You promised to be silent, sir!
Why, Dr Feckenham.
- So, you remember me.
- Why have you brought him here to me?
To help you to decide if the next time
you leave this room will be the last.
Which it will be, unless I can persuade
you to renounce your heresy.
She promised! No conditions!
That was before your father
led an insurrection in your name.
Will you talk to me?
There isn't any point.
How many are the sacraments?
There are two, the sacraments
of baptism and of the Last Supper.
No, there are seven.
The sacraments of baptism,
confirmation, Eucharist, penance,
holy orders, matrimony,
and last unction.
Then, tell me,
in what scriptures find you that?
Then, tell me, how may a Christian
come to God?
By believing in His name
and by no other means.
- What? Is nothing else to be required?
- No.
Speak of the sacrament of Eucharist.
Do you not receive the blood
and the body of our Lord?
- No, I do not.
- Did not our Saviour say?
Our Saviour said,
"I am the vine, I am the door."
Was he the vine? Was he a door?
You are right, my Lady,
and the Queen is wrong.
I'm sorry?
How can I... How could I score across
a faith so pure and firm and resolute?
At such a time, indeed,
there is no point.
But I promise you,
I will be with you to the end.
If at any time...
Otherwise, we shall not meet again.
No. No.
We shall not.
For, unless God turns your heart,
you shall burn in hell for all eternity.
I have done all I can.
He came to me first.
Without your strength,
I'd never have been able to stay firm.
Stay firm? For what?
For the sake of my immortal soul.
- Oh, yes!
- And for the sake of our nine days.
To keep their memory untarnished...
They brought you here
and told you to be silent,
in the hope that
I'd think they had broken you.
But they got it wrong.
I'd never have been able
to stay true without you here.
So without each other,
we'd both be alive this time tomorrow.
Oh, but we will.
We will have taken flight
to the world that's invisible,
where we're sure of bliss.
- Where we will dwell in paradise.
- Yes.
...for an hour.
Whatever may happen to their souls,
in the flesh, they have just a night left.
What harm to leave them for a while?
So, then, we will.
- Oh, yes, we will.
- We'll fly.
- We'll fly.
- Away beyond their reach.
- So far...
- That their touch can't tarnish us.
And at last we will be...
Each other's.
Only this time,
My Lady.
Let them.
Next time I see your face,
I want it for eternity.
I promised you and I repeat my promise.
Up to the end.
Tell me...
Please, I want to know.
Your husband was taken from his room
by the Lord Lieutenant of the Tower...
through the Bulwark


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