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No! No!
- Jane! Jane!
- No! No!
I will not!
I will not! I will not!
they didn't find our shilling.
- Receive the traitor, John Dudley.
- You must follow me, my Lord.
I am sorry.
God save Queen Mary.
God save Your Grace!
These are my prisoners.
Honest men, incarcerated
by my brother's officers.
But, by the grace of God,
and in the name of His son Jesus Christ,
they are prisoners no more,
as no man shall be,
if with honest heart he spurns all heresy
and does confess the true religion!
Reprise for those who return to Rome.
Well, then...
hail Mary.
Guilford, where are you?
Why, Guilford!
- You have betrayed me.
- How?
You will imperil your soul
for a few more years of life!
It doesn't look so miserable
when you're about to lose it.
A living dog is better than a dead lion...
you may find.
- I wasn't very good at it, you see.
- What do you mean?
I misjudged the men.
I misjudged you.
- How so?
- Do they let you see her?
Who'd have thought the black sheep,
the most prodigal of prodigals,
would find a love so simple and so pure?
You see, what I believed was that a man,
without the intervention
of priest or pope,
can look on God and say,
"Lord, here I am."
how can I look Him in the eye...
when I can hardly bear
to turn my face to you?
Why did you shame me, Guilford?
It's not your fault.
Perhaps it showed a want of prudence...
but you are very young.
You will both be tried, you know,
in a few months' time, I think,
when things have cooled,
and naturally you will be
condemned to death.
But, of course,
I have the power of reprieve,
which at present I intend to use.
- With no conditions?
- If you promise not to usurp me again!
Your Grace, I am covered
with the deepest shame and guilt
and can only throw myself
on your great...
Now, now, now.
Now, that's enough of that.
I want to show you something.
Philip, Prince of Spain,
son of Charles the Emperor.
The portrait is by a Signor Titian.
Why, it's a... a good picture.
You married in the first flush
of your youth.
You're lucky.
Now you must go.
I have ambassadors to see.
- There is one further mercy...
- Say nothing to change my mind.
My husband...
You didn't heed my warning,
little cousin Jane.
- Your Grace, His Excellency.
- Of course.
So, then, Excellency, is there any news?
The Emperor is delighted
with the prospect of his son being
honoured with your hand, Your Grace.
Then tell him I am delighted, too.
- May I ask, was that the young usurper?
- Yes, it was.
Your Grace, the Emperor is not delighted
that there remains within your realm...
I have told Your Excellency, no.
I thought...
you see, I wondered,
now that we're together, how on earth
are we going to fill the days?
- She loves him.
- What?
I saw her looking at his portrait,
and I saw me looking up at you.
- I can't believe it.
- What's that?
We're here together, safe.
- You're mad! Where are you going?
- I'm not mad.
- Where are you going?
- All right! I'll tell you.
I'm going to Leicester,
and then to Coventry.
And from there to London,
where our main force
will join up with the rebel armies
from Kent and from Devon.
My love, don't go.
Just leave it as it is. We're alive.
So England has a Spanish king,
so a bitter woman is made happy,
and we are alive!
No, there cannot be a Spanish king
on the English throne.
- Henry, I don't believe...
- I owe it to our daughter.
- You can't mean to restore Jane to...
- I owe it to my daughter!
She has need of me.
To your horses, quickly!
What's happening?
Can't tell.
There's a lot of soldiers out there.
Must mean some of the rebels
have reached London.
I just can't bear not knowing.
I overheard the jailer say
you could see the fires from Southwark.
And he spoke of a great duke
that rode from Warwickshire.
- This is madness!
- No, it isn't.
- It has a logic to it.
- What?
It is your father making his

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