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two, we command the return
of all the lands and properties,
which our uncle
liberated from the monasteries,
for the use and cultivation
of the common people... in perpetuity.
And third, we wish a school to be endowed.
It will teach the children of the poor,
not by beating or cajolement,
but by love and nurture.
And we put its founding
into our father's care,
who will commence
this stewardship at once.
And fourth...
What's this?
It is your commission for your father,
ma'am, to lead your army into Norfolk
to repel the traitor Mary.
- The Council's decision was unanimous!
- This is no decision!
- Your Grace, the Council considered...
- It's not "the Council", it's our Council.
It has not considered how I feel.
You are our father.
We have important work for you to do.
We would like him...
We demand that he remain with us.
For we have need of him.
- Jane! You see, unless you agree...
- This is absurd!
Who else do you propose should lead?
- I told you my father was honest.
- Yes. So?
So let him prove it.
Send him to defend your throne.
Ask him.
My Lord...
I will sign this if the words "our father
Henry, Duke of Suffolk" are struck out
and "our well-trusted councillor,
John, Duke of Northumberland" put in.
I am your servant, ma'am.
Then, I wish you Godspeed.
"I can...
"I can control him.
"He can be controlled."
- What do you mean?
- I mean... you stupid girl!
Foolish, wilful little girl!
But after all...
we are the Queen.
Guilford, listen to this.
"He has sent me
to bind up the broken-hearted,
"to free the captives
and open prison doors."
Why not?
Sir Thomas Holcroft, arrested
with the Duke of Somerset for treason.
Go on.
The Mayor of Norwich, incarcerated
by my Lord Northumberland...
Of course, release.
Your Grace... with all respect,
I must insist...
Masters, you are free, by orders
of Her Majesty Queen Jane.
His Excellency,
the Spanish Ambassador.
Your Grace.
Your Excellency.
We regret we only have a moment...
It has been several days.
- More important matters were calling.
- Why, of course, Your Grace.
My people live in poverty and misery.
Their need is the greater.
- There's the matter of the wardrobe.
- Yes, I see.
I see.
- Mistress, what is this?
- My Lord, this is the Royal Wardrobe.
- Yes, but why?
- The Queen is giving it away, my Lord.
To warm the wretched
and to clothe the comfortless, my Lord.
Your Grace.
This is the Under-Treasurer
of your Privy Purse.
I'm from the Royal Mint, Your Grace.
It's our shilling.
It's for Guilford Dudley.
Take me to my brother.
Desertions, in their hundreds!
Overnight they melt away
and no one joins, whatever pay we offer.
- The Council must send reinforcements!
- I'll go and see them. They're in session.
It was so foolish, Guilford.
Whoever thought that he should lead
a force to Norfolk?
They will hate him there.
- Jane, come with me.
- Where to?
- Council Chamber.
- I must get dressed.
Love, there isn't any need.
All gone?
All gone.
All those great lords and bishops
with their solemn pledge to serve me
even unto death.
- Nine days.
- You should have kept the keys.
So now we're really on our own.
Now we're really ruling England.
What do you want?
I want...
no branding for the starving.
Happiness and comfort.
- Peace.
- It's done.
I want no popes, no cardinals,
no parents who abuse their children.
Then it's done.
I want...
I want this to be over.
The Council have met at Baynard's Castle.
They have pronounced Northumberland
a traitor, and Princess Mary Queen.
What a relief.
Look, I...
Look, Jane... I ought to say...
Father, may we go home?
Father, may we go home?
I will...
I will... try to make amends.
The proverb says,
"A wonder lasts nine days,
"and then the puppy's eyes are open,"
so what happens on the tenth day?
- Jane Dudley.
- Yes.
- You must come with me.
- She'll need some things.

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