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of Rome!
Not to mention, my Lords, the properties.
Will anyone say treason once again?
Thomas Canterbury.
My Lords, we should call
the King's two sisters to his bedside.
You mean they're gone?
- Both of them?
- Yes.
Mary to Norwich.
Elizabeth, we don't yet know.
- But surely we must turn back now?
- Now we have no choice but to go on.
But, Dudley...
obviously the Princess knows,
so you can't possibly...
- Exactly. Mary knows. How?
- Somebody told her.
Somebody who can tell her everything...
if she succeeds.
Our boats are burnt, ma'am.
There's no turning back.
My Lord...
the King is dead.
Long live Queen Jane.
- So, then, we will.
- Oh, yes, we will.
- We'll fly.
- We'll fly away.
At last...
We will be nothing... nobody...
Each other's.
Who are you? What do you want?
I told you, they're asleep.
They cannot be awakened.
- My Lady Jane.
- Who calls for her?
- You must now come with us.
- Who sent you?
My Lords...
with regret, I must announce the death
of His Majesty, King Edward VI.
But let us not forget, even at this time
our joy at his virtuous life and the care
he took to keep his realm
free from the intrigues
and blandishments of Rome.
Shortly before his death,
the King made a declaration,
which has been witnessed by his Council
and marked with his great seal.
And, my Lady, His Majesty named
Your Grace heir to his crown.
- "Your Grace"?
- All those who would deny your claim
or fail in all ways to defend Your Majesty,
even unto death,
shall be judged as traitors.
- Long live Queen Jane!
- Long live Queen Jane!
Queen Jane.
Walk, Jane.
I can't. I won't.
Jane, walk!
Your Majesty will try the crown?
- This isn't mine.
- It is, Your Grace.
- It is not my right.
- Then whose right is it?
- Your Grace will want to see it fits.
- I don't. I can't.
And if it suits Your Majesty.
- And so it does.
- And so it does.
- Now another shall be made.
- Another? Why?
To crown your husband's head as well.
Take me out of here!
My Lords, the Queen desires
that you withdraw.
Wake me, wake me!
This is a nightmare! Wake me!
- He wants to make you King.
- Who does?
Your father. This is what he wants,
for you to be his puppet and me yours.
I didn't... I had no idea.
You swear?
Well, of course I swear!
What do you take me for?
What am I to do?
You said that I should seek
to cure the commonwealth.
Then you said nothing's to be done
and let's fly away.
Before we met I could feel things deeply,
but I didn't think.
- You thought, you studied.
- I know, but...
- Jane, we're like a coin.
- How?
With a head on one side and a lion
on the other. Heart of England.
And one side alone is worth nothing,
but together, we might stay untarnished.
The strong can still be good.
I couldn't care less if I'm King,
but I want you to be Queen.
Now, my love, was that so hard?
- My Lord Northumberland.
- Your Grace.
- You have told us we are Queen.
- By your late cousin's will.
And we may issue our commands,
and it is your duty to obey them?
Of course, Your Majesty.
Well, then...
We want...
I want...
...a real shilling.
By the grace of God,
and the will of his late servant Edward,
of the most blessed memory,
be proclaimed Jane,
Queen of England, Ireland and France,
with all the royalties and pre-eminences
to the same belonging,
Defender of the Faith,
Supreme Head of the Church.
Where's Princess Mary?
Mary has sent a letter.
- She proclaims herself Queen.
- That's no surprise.
Indeed not,
but it does require an answer.
- Do you mean a letter?
- No, an army.
How quickly could you raise
a force for Norfolk?
- Depends how large.
- My Lord, that does seem...
To arrest one woman
with dubious title to the throne...
Three days.
My Lords.
My Lords, this is a list of our commands.
We wish first for you to call a Parliament
to repeal the laws relating to the branding
of unfortunates forced into beggary.

- 1984

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