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Not by the Church?
Not by the Church.
that all superstitions,
ornamental relics...
and icons...
and images...
- Go on.
- Go on?
- With what you were doing.
- With what I was saying?
Not just now.
What do I do?
When did you know?
I didn't.
It just happened.
Did you know about it?
- What?
- What we've just done.
only in terms of the broadest
general principles.
Unlike you.
Not exactly.
You're referring to my lady of the night.
Well, yes, I was.
- Passed out.
- Who was?
I did.
Got to the bed...
and then...
Total failure. Terrible embarrassment.
Why are you crying?
Don't you know?
No, of course I don't.
I was...
the first.
My father's will is clear.
But, Your Grace, the Princess Mary
will restore your realm to popery.
She is my sister.
It is the duty of a Christian king
to set aside the prejudices of the blood
in favour of the greater good
of God and country, or else...
For our life on earth is short, he will
answer for it at the seat of judgement.
Have you a draft of this devise?
"The Lady Jane and her heirs, male,
the throne of England, Ireland, France."
Oh, John.
Your Grace?
I want this to be over.
I want the Privy Council called
and a small force ready
to take Princesses Mary and Elizabeth
as soon as this is countersigned.
Please, now? Please! Can we?
Yes, let him die.
So, where are they?
The Mayor and his aldermen?
Oh, I sent word we were unwell.
And I told them to give all the food away
to those people on the road.
All, all away.
Who is this woman?
I mean, I don't know who you are.
No more do I.
All right.
- What do you want?
- What do you mean?
- If you could have any wish?
- Love, to be with you.
No, no, not for us.
Well, if I could have anything,
I would wish...
our country to remain true to the faith
of God as revealed in the Scripture.
Then, it's done.
Now, my turn.
- Go on, ask me.
- What?
What I want.
- What do you want?
- I think you know.
I want a world where men aren't branded
because they can't grow their food.
Go on.
it's done.
What else, then?
Death to all bishops,
cardinals and popes.
An end to their power over men
and women's souls.
It's done. And the power of kings, dukes
and princes over their bodies and minds.
A world where the comfort of a few
is not bought by the misery of many.
And where children are not beaten
and cajoled but loved and nurtured.
Where men shall live in peace
on God's earth.
Where every man and woman
might feel half, a quarter...
the merest speck of what I feel for you.
- Then, it's done.
- It's done.
- It's... done.
- It's done.
Now, my love, was that so hard?
What on earth is going on?
Mrs Ellen.
a most unfortunate occurrence.
An accident.
You see, what happened was...
- We've forgotten something.
- What?
- A real shilling.
- What?
A shilling really worth a shilling.
No, no... Please!
- Don't!
- Jane!
- What does your father want with us?
- Don't know.
He must have some reason
why he wanted us to marry, some...
some scheme.
Don't know. Why do you ask?
Because he frightens me.
Because I love his son.
I think... his deeds are not his nature.
Guilford, nothing can ever justify
what he's done.
Not even if what he is doing is to keep
your new church safe from popery?
must it always be like that?
Can the strong never be good?
Who knows?
- Are you strong enough to go?
- Go where?
Away. Beyond their reach,
where their touch can't tarnish us.
Would that be strong?
You see...
...I just don't think our parents...
will let us stay like this.
You have in your hands...
the King's will.
- You say to sign it might be treason?
- My Lord, I merely...
His will,
without which we shall see
his realm restored to popery!
And all the offices and sacraments
and rites of his most holy Church
restored to the Mass priests
and the conjurors

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