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will preserve the new religion.
- And his Council?
I'm sure that they understand
how the triumph of the new faith
has contributed to their
position and wealth.
Plain sailing, then.
Frances, John, there you are.
Speaking of former monasteries,
the King has put at the disposal
of our children
the old priory of Eversholt...
for as long as they have need of it.
You mean, until we have need of them.
- Look, Dudley...
- Yes.
Are you sure your son's the right man
for my daughter?
I can control him.
He can be controlled in matters
that concern us, my Lord Duke.
My Lady...
are you sure you understand?
No, no, there's no need.
It's beautiful.
Don't you think it's beautiful?
What's the matter?
Better now.
We oughtn't to get too far
behind the rest.
Whoa, there! Whoa! Whoa, there!
What's this?
I have no idea.
Good day.
Is there...
...anything you want?
My wife and I have come to stay here
at the priory. It's our great pleasure.
As a token of our...
- You know what that is?
- Yes.
- You've been branded.
- Why?
- Begging, I presume.
- That's right. No tribute.
We want our land back!
It's not our fault,
so leave my wife and I alone.
Leave it!
Leave it! Leave it!
Ride on.
Mrs Ellen.
It's lovely. Is there anything to eat?
Yes, of course.
We're on our own.
- We won't be tomorrow.
- What?
The Mayor of Hertford is to dine with us
in the refectory.
- Just the Mayor?
- Accompanied by several aldermen.
God's teeth!
- Glass goblets.
- Yes. A present from your father.
- Made in Venice.
- Yes, I know.
They're very pretty,
but they do have this tendency to break.
Don't you dare.
- What did those men at the gates want?
- I don't know... Food.
- Have they no farms?
- I'm sorry?
- Why were they idle?
- Tell me, did you see his chest?
- Yes. It was marked.
- No, it wasn't.
It was branded, the mark burnt into him
with a red-hot iron.
Do you know why?
Because he'd been caught begging.
Can you think how he may have fallen
into beggary?
The land he used to farm,
on which he had much work to do,
belonged to poor monks in monasteries,
who allowed poor people to grow food.
Until men like our fathers
stripped the monasteries,
fenced in the common land,
drove the peasants from their fields
and passed unholy laws
branding them for beggary!
- They threw all that money back at you...
- Money!
Do you know what's happened
to the value of money?
What's that?
- A penny.
- No, it isn't... it's a shilling.
It can't be. Shillings are made of silver.
Should be. Used to be... but not now.
Which is why a shilling isn't worth
a shilling any more.
You've really no idea what's going on,
have you?
- I know the priests were all corrupt.
- No doubt.
- They told the people to worship icons.
- That concerns me less.
- You're talking of your soul.
- No, you are talking of your mind!
I wonder if you and the reformers
can convince yourselves
that the nature of the sacraments
is more important
than whether those
who receive them live or die!
The brain is a brittle organ.
The slightest pressure and it snaps...
if it isn't wrapped up in a little heart.
I shall have them arrange
another bedroom for me.
- They won't think very much of that.
- I couldn't care less what they think!
What right have you?
You haven't done a thing!
Why don't you go to Court?
Do something about all these things?
Because there isn't any point!
Because it wouldn't work. It never does.
Dear God and all his saints,
what am I doing here?
What do you want?
- I want to say I'm sorry.
- Doesn't matter.
Yes, it does.
- This is not your fault.
- That's true.
Well, then...
Explain it to me.
What you believe. The schism, the new
learning. The nature of the sacraments.
- Do you really want to know?
- I really want to know.
It's our belief...
that faith only saves.
That, as Christ Jesus says, his sons
shall come to God if they believe in him.

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