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- No!
- If you value your position in this house.
- My Lady.
- No!
Stop her! Take her! Take her!
See reason!
- No!
- Take her!
I will not! I won't!
I will not!
She will.
I'm sure her mother will...
So be it.
I just don't see why.
Then I must make you see.
You see, my cousin trusts me.
- I must not betray that trust.
- Your Grace, the battle isn't won.
The battle started by your father
must be carried on by you.
The reformation of your church
is still incomplete,
the danger that your country could
relapse into a pit of popery still great.
I cannot tell you why it matters
that my son should marry Jane.
All I can do is beg Your Grace
to trust me.
Then you'd better fetch my men
to get me dressed.
I do know I'm dying.
You will not marry Guilford Dudley?
Without your family, what are you?
No one. Nothing.
What makes you dare to think
you can choose whom to obey?
- My love!
- Yes, what?
Our daughter has a visitor.
Your Grace.
We would like to speak, madam,
to our cousin Jane. Alone.
My Lady Jane. No, no.
I wasn't whipped.
They had a boy. If I did something bad,
they beat him in my place.
See? You should have been born
heir to the throne.
Though, in a way it made it rather worse.
You understand?
But it was his duty,
as it was mine
to suffer for his suffering in my stead.
As it is yours now to obey
your parents and your King.
- Why must you do what he tells you?
- Who?
John Dudley.
Because I trust him.
Look, I brought you something.
What is it?
A puppet.
You pull the cords and it dances.
Let me try.
Oh, look, it does. It works.
Of course it works.
- Look, I can make it bow.
- So I should think.
Oh, Edward.
Oh, it's wonderful.
All better now?
All better now.
Now promise...
that you'll marry him.
For me.
It's all right, Your Grace. I'm here.
- Three days?
- Or four. Perhaps a week.
No more.
It must be longer.
There must be some way.
No, the only thing is arsenic, which
would keep him more or less alive,
but in excruciating pain.
- There's nothing else?
- Nothing.
- So be it, then.
- My Lord...
I must have the time.
- Who are you? What do you want?
- Where are they?
- Bastard!
- Where are they?
- Where is he?
- Who?
In there.
Get out, you bastard! Get out!
- My Lord, you must come with us.
- Why? What for?
Clear the way!
Congratulations, my Lord.
You're going to be married.
Who to?
You're not to wear black again!
God's teeth!
My dear Guilford.
She wants to see you.
- Who does?
- Your betrothed.
- What, now?
- Yes, now!
- Please tell me this isn't...
- No.
I thought it right...
You may have heard
I was unhappy about this match.
Yes. Yes, I did.
I worried that it would impede
what's important to me,
which is studying and prayer.
So I would prefer when this...
when this is done, that we lived...
shall we say as cousins,
rather than as man and wife.
- If that is what you wish.
- It is.
- I should myself make something clear.
- Please do.
On the night I was informed
of my translation into bliss,
I'd attended several taverns,
witnessed a bear-baiting
and was in Southwark, sampling
the pleasures of a lady of the night.
Thus far, I have to tell you,
it had been a very good evening.
duty calls.
Dearly beloved friends,
we are gathered here in the sight of God
and the face of His congregation,
to join together this man and
this woman in holy matrimony,
which is an honourable estate
instituted of God in paradise
in the time of man's innocence
and therefore not to be enterprised,
nor taken in hand inadvisedly,
lightly or wantonly to satisfy
men's carnal lusts and appetites,
like brute beasts
that have no understanding,
but reverently, discreetly, advisedly,
soberly, and in the fear of God.
Well, there we are.
How long has he got to live?
- Two weeks, three at the most.
- I see.
But has he yet declared his will?
- The King


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