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when you were a child?
I seem to have spent my whole life
listening to sermons.
Better now.
- Who is that man?
- Sir John Gates, captain of my guard...
Oh, Jane...
...I feel quite dreadful.
Sire? Edward, in God's name,
what's the matter?
Follow me!
What do I do? What do I do?
Your Grace.
It's all right, Jane, Sir John.
I am recovered.
Better now.
- My Lady Jane.
- My Lord Northumberland.
The King has sent me to inform you
that he is completely recovered.
Well, I am glad.
So much so that there's no need for anyone
to mention that he was ill at all.
- I see.
- I'm glad.
You're asking me to lie.
To refrain from volunteering information.
It cannot be too hard to understand for
a young person who reads Plato in Greek.
Lady Jane. Princess Mary is free
to see you now.
Thank you.
She apologises.
She was finishing a hand of trump.
- Do you play cards?
- No. No, I don't.
You're wise. She's very good.
I see.
Why do you curtsy?
I am curtsying to the Host, my Lady.
To Him that made us all.
I see.
So, God made you
and the baker, apparently, made God.
- Can this be my little cousin Jane?
- Ma'am.
Now, let me look at you.
How you've grown.
Well, then, embrace me.
And if I were you,
I'd take care, little cousin Jane.
Madam, have you considered
your daughter's future?
- You know I have.
- And can I ask?
I can see no reason why
she should not marry Edward.
- I can.
- What?
- He's dying.
- What?
He will be dead... who knows, a month?
- God rest his soul.
- Indeed.
What then?
There will not be another
Roman Catholic on the English throne.
The country people don't agree.
They still adhere.
They miss the Latin litanies
and mysteries.
The ornaments and precious things.
Because before King Henry closed
the monasteries, they were in the churches.
They could see them on the altars.
I wonder where those things are now.
Which is why, madam, for you,
and yes, for me as well,
there must not be another
Roman Catholic on the English throne.
- If Edward dies without an heir...
- Then Mary's Queen.
Her mother was divorced and Mary was named
a bastard. Next in line's Elizabeth.
Whose mother, Anne Boleyn,
was beheaded for treasonable adultery.
Behold, the next in line becomes my Lady,
the Duchess Frances Suffolk,
who would, of course,
relinquish all her dues and rights
in favour of her daughter, Jane.
Ah, Frances, there you are.
Down, damn you, Jupiter.
Good Lord, are you still eating?
Do you hear me, sir?
- Afternoon, John.
- My Lord.
We were speaking
of Jane's marriage, Henry.
It might be a matter
of peculiar importance
in the event of circumstances
which well might arise.
In fact, I suspect
my Lord has someone in mind.
Perhaps he'd be good enough to tell me.
I don't think you've met my youngest
and as yet unmarried son, Guilford.
He's a quiet and studious boy.
I imagine even now among his books
or else at prayer.
More wine!
No more wine.
- Hey, you!
- Because it's bedtime.
I want him out!
It's bedtime, Guilford.
Good morning, Mother, Father.
Jane, you know
the Duke of Northumberland.
Indeed I do. My Lord.
Jane, as you know,
the Duke has three fine sons.
Yes, I've been privileged
to meet with Robert and...
- John.
- Yes, John.
- My third son is called Guilford.
- Guilford?
- It was his mother's maiden name.
- I see.
Oh, Jane!
My darling little Jane.
- My little girl, we're so proud of you.
- Oh, no.
- Yes, yes.
- No. No.
Now, Jane, embrace my Lord the Duke.
- What is this?
- I order you.
My Lord, I am most honoured...
I'm sure your son
is a most noble of young men,
but I don't wish to marry
anyone at present.
- You don't wish to marry?
- No!
I wish it and your mother wishes it
and the Duke wishes it.
- And the King wishes you...
- No! That I do not believe!
You don't.
I don't believe that the King wants me
to marry Guilford Dudley.
Ellen, please take your mistress
to the

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