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followed by the sheriffs,
up to Tower Hill.
He was led through all the people
to the scaffold steps.
Just three or four.
And when he'd climbed them, he turned,
held the rail, and addressed the people,
asking God's forgiveness.
Took off his hat and coat,
and his collar,
and forgave the executioner,
who told him to step upon the straw
before the block itself,
and placed his head
within the crevice of the block.
And when he was ready,
threw wide his arms.
And the headsman's axe came down.
It was a single stroke.
He can have felt no pain.
God will requite you
for your kindness, sir.
Do you forgive me, my Lady?
- Willingly.
- Please stand upon the straw.
Kneel, please, my Lady.
Lay you down.
Where... where is it?
Where is it?
What... what do I do?
And now, Your Grace?
I am going to meet my husband,
with whom I am in love, you see.
"The soul takes flight
to the world that is invisible
"but there arriving, she is sure of bliss
and forever dwells in paradise."


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