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dreams, like we used to.
Hiroshi will grow up very soon.
I wish he's grow as soon as possible.
Im back.
Im back.
Welcome back. He's back.
Your husband.
He looks fine.
Is that so?
Nice, isnt' it? Hurry.
Hiroshi, hurry.
Come, Hiroshi. Know who he is?
Your dad.
He's back. Im glad for you.
He's your dad. Have you forgotten?
Say, Dad. Dad.
Welcome home.
Glad you're well.
Answer your dad.
You're big. Come here.
Go closer to him.
Forgotten me?
When did you arrive?
This morning.
What do you...
feel like eating?
That's fine.
Ill buy some.
Wait with Dad?
Or go with me?
Ill go.
I see. You should take a nap.
No sleep last night.
Was the train crowded?
Packed. I had to stand.
Will this do?
It's okay.
Ill go now.
Buy cigarettes too.
What brand?
Anything...that smokes.
Let's go.
Im going out.
Take care.
This is rationed sake.
Will you give it to him?
To celebrate his return.
Thank you. He'll be glad.
Wait a minute!
This is his forth.
Give him more rice.
It tastes good!
Tokiko gave it to us...
in return for the sake.
Her man came back after...?
Four years.
Im glad he's safe.
They're happy.
He's happy you're home.
Time to go to bed.
Go to bed.
It's very late.
Dad will stay here a long time.
Play again tomorrow. Say good night.
Good night.
Good night.
To me too.
Good night, Mom.
Go to bed by himself?
He gets used to it.
Good boy.
Still keeping it?
Id look at it often.
I wondered how big he'd be
when I got home.
I see. Look, he's already asleep.
He's grown big.
Did he get sick?
The measles.
Best to have it...
while small.
Was that all?
catarrh of the colon.
Last month.
That was recently?
Big problem, I guess.
Did you have... money then?
Borrowed? Who from?
What's wrong?
What happened?
Why be silent?
What happened?
Say something!
Must you keep it a secret?
Tell me!
Your mom home?
Then, excuse me.
May I come in?
Of course.
Good to see you.
He's back, huh?
The janitress at my apartment...
told me.
Im glad for you.
Thank you.
Where is he?
He went out.
Is he well?
Yes, very well.
A gift for your husband.
Thank you.
You're happy.
No more worries.
You've have a rough time.
Don't tell him Hiroshi got sick.
Or about what you did either.
It's over. You needn't tell him.
I told him already.
You did?
I told him everything.
That was a stupid thing to do.
What's past is past.
Telling him will only make him suffer.
Be honest is admirable.
But what you said won't help much.
You shouldn't have told him.
It'll only make you unhappy.
Why did you tell him?
Id planned to lie to him.
But it just came out.
He always trusted me.
We never had any secrets.
We told each other everything.
So I couldn't...
keep it from him.
I know you can't keep secrets.
But he'll suffer now that he knows.
I wonder what you should do.
Sorry to keep you.
It's okay.
When will you start?
Id like you to...
resume work right away.
I return here the moment...
I was repatriated, too.
You did?
Tokyo has changed.
Cabarets have opened everywhere.
Prices are sky-high.
Im shocked.
Shall I lend you some money?
Yes, please.
Why do you look so blue?
I couldn't sleep well last night.
You couldn't sleep well at home?
No, I couldn't
Why? What happened?
Something unpleasant happened.
What was it?
Ill tell you someday. Not now.
A call for you.
Hello? Satake speaking.
Welcome back.
Im not hungry.
Come here.
Come here. Let's talk.
When did you meet this Orie?
Late last year.
How did you meet her?
She sold my kimono for me.
Is the house where you went
around here?
Where is it?
In Tsukishima.
Where in Tsukishima? Where?
I got off the train.
And then?
I turned left.
A street?
No. An alley.
Taking the

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