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 Road Assist we have detected
an airbag deployment.
Yes erm! Please, we hit a tree...
and my Dad is having
a heart attack...
I think he is gonna die.
You need to help us!
Hold while we contact
the Emergency Services.
No no no! He is dying!
Please, listen to me. I can take him
to the hospital, I can drive.
I am fine! But the key doesn't turn.
So you have to start the
car for us OK? Please, Dad...
Your name, please?
My name is...
Frank and my Dad's name is...
Dvorak Tsargentzki!
Please,  just help us! We need
your help, please!
The Emergency Services are on their way.
No no no! Listen, mam.
- What is your name?
- Dolores.
Dolores? OK, Dolores...
I don't know if you have a Dad...
but I do...
And I want to be able
to say that a year from now, OK?
Because my Dad is my
hero and right now he is...
in my arms, dying and...
and his only hope is...
to get to a hospital right now!
We can't wait!
So, please!
Start the God damn car!
Thank you, Dolores.
Pass the P.D.A.
I gotta call the Warlock.
- The what?
- Warlock, he is a digital jedi.
Mam you are not authorised
to be here.
F.B.I. We suspect there has
been a security breech.
You have landed without authorisation.
- That was pretty good back there, kid.
- Thanks.
- Whats the matter, nothing to complain about?
- No, just.......
- What? What's the problem?
- I'm not like you,
I can't do this shit.
- What does that mean? Like what?
- Like... heroic and everything.
I am not that guy.
- Nobody here is a hero, kid.
- You saved my life like 10 times,
in the last six hours.
I was doing my job, that's all.
Do you know what you get for being a hero?
Nothing! You get shot at.
Pat on the back, bla
bla bla. That a boy!
You get divorced...
Your wife can't remember your last name,
kids don't want to talk to you...
You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself.
Trust me kid, nobody
wants to be that guy.
- Then why you doing this?
- Because there is nobody else to do it right now.
Believe me if there was
somebody else to do it
i would let them do it.
There's not, so we're doing it.
That's what makes you that guy.
The things flying now.
Contact Emerson, tell him that
we will be there soon.
What the hell are you doing?
This floor is restricted access.
You stay here.
- We are in.
- Good, shut it down.I guess you were right, kid.
OK... that's awful.
We got company.
So how would they
shut down the power?
- what?
- Come on!
Central control Room.
- Fourth floor, fourth floor!
- Come on!
- Try to keep up!
- I am keeping up!
I am just trying to stop for
just two seconds to catch a breath.
- They have these things called Gymnasiums...
- Well yeah, it's not like...
Come on! Let's go! Let's go!
Intel is fairly certain that
the terrorists are mobile.
It is the only way to consistently
avoid signal triangulation.
Judging by the amount of hardware
they are running,
we are probably looking for
a large vehicle,
probably a semi-trailer rig.
Tell the guys at
Homeland Security...
that we need every agent and
functioning satellite they have got.
Playtime is over sweetheart
Don't move! Take your
hand off the gun.
Hands up. Stand up.
Go on, now!
Let's go, kid! You're up!
As fast as you can.
That's enough of this Kung-Fu shit
I've met some bitches in my day...
but you...
Still awake, huh?
- Keep doing what you are doing.
- OK!
- How much time do you need?
- Not much.
Are you done?
Are you done?
No... no, not quite...
I am not exactly checking
my email here, you know.
I ran this hacking PN mode on their
PI, I am just booting their host...
- what?
- It means about 30 seconds, ok?
It is not the easiest thing
to do, when...
- Undo everything you just did, now!
- OK, OK...
I'm a righty I need my other hand.
I really do.
I'm a righty...
One last door to open.
Do you know what you are doing?
Do you realise what this'll do to the country?
Yes, I do. Now open
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