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see, we are
using the space...
you guys can stand in the corner,
and liaise.
and if I need something...
I'll just wake you.
- Wait, no no. Don't call.
- What?
- What are you talking about?
- They probably cracked that hours ago
if you use it they might
be able to trace us here.
- Just put in your pocket.
- Sure?
Or smash it, you didn't have to smash it...
Excuse, me.
police Emergency.
He'll call you right back.
Here, wait in here.
- Do you have a signal?
- Yes.
This is John McClane
for agent Bowman.
Sir, John McClane is on the line.
McClane, go.
We never made it to DHS
They came for the kid again.
All your men are down.
- And what about Farrell?
- Yeah he's here with me.
- Sir?
- Hang on, John.
Yeah I'll hold on.
Another day in paradise.
They just swamped everything,
the whole telecom system.
Phones, cellular, satellite...
They are blanketing every station.
- Can you put the news back on?
- This is the news.
It on every channel,
It's been like this for a few minutes now.
Oh my God!
Look out!
Look out!
Bowman? Do you see that?
- McClane?
- Bowman?
It's a fake.
I see it.
Thank God!
- McClane?
- Bowman.
The satellite's down.
Get me a landline.
One little piece of code
and the world falls apart.
- This is virtual terrorism.
- What?
It's crazy, the first time that I
heard of a Fire Sale
I actually thought it would be cool,
if somebody did it.
Hit the "reset" button...
melt the system, just for fun.
Hey, it is not a system.
It is a country. We are
talking about people.
A whole country, full of people.
Sitting at home, alone...
scared to death in
their houses, alright.
So if you are done with
your little nostalgic moment...
maybe you can think a little
and help me catch these guys.
Just help me.
Just put yourself in their shoes.
Come on.
if this were your Fire Sale,
what would be your next move?
OK, the point of a Fire Sale is that it
is mostly done by remote, right...
But not everything is run
completely on-line.
Major utilities aren't,
they are run in closed circuits...
you can breech the security
up to a certain point, but...
to shut it down you would have
to physically go there...
You know what, give me that guys PDA.
The phones don't work,
they are all dead.
No the phones are fine
it is the network that is dead.
I only need to reprogram it...
and link it into the old sat-coms,
hackers surf them the whole time.
It is probably what these guys are
using to talk to each other.
How do you know all this stuff?
Dude, I don't know.
I couldn't explain it to you.
The national power grid,
gas and the electricity...
they are divided in to
three zones, right?
Eastern, Central and Western.
Each one with a primary hub.
Here it is.
- What is that, what am I looking at?
- That is the eastern hub.
Now, they take this out...
It wipes out all the power
for the entire eastern corridor.
But again they will have to
do it manually.
- Come on, let's go.
- What, to West Virgnia?
I honestly don't think I can handle
any more people trying to kill me.
- McClane, McClane?
- Oh you get used to it.
McClane. Oh, shit!
Sir, wireless networks are down
they are hitting the landlines too.
I don't care how,
you find me a line.
Come on, what you got?
We swept the whole building,
It seems clean. We can...
- sweep it again, but...
- Don't bother.
Don't bother.
It is fake. These guys planned this...
Alright get everybody back
inside the crisis centre, now.
Let's open it up!
Come on, get in.
The door is locked. Unless
you have an extra gun to unlock it.
Hey, don't do that.
You're gonna disable it... Shit.
Wow, crazy, did you see that?
Sorry about that man.
I didn't know it would come out so fast.
How did you do yours?
Are you alright? What,
did it hit you a little bit.
Please, don't touch those, OK?
I know what am doing.
I have done this before.
I mean, I have read about it.
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