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He is not responding.
Down, get down!
Officers down at the corner
of Main with Constitution.
I repeat, officers down.
Come on, come on,
get out let's go!
God Damn It!
Stay down!
Get down, just hold on!
We have a squad car under fire
we need backup.
 I Repeat, we need backup!
This is base, we are
sending backup.
Hang on, hang on.
Hang on.
Hold on.
- We lost ....
- Stay with them.
OK take the tunnel, left left left!
Give me the schematics
of that tunnel.
The tunnel!
Open the gates on the North side entrance.
Redirect traffic,
occupy all lanes.
- Open the other side.
- What?
Hang on to something!
Hey, don't get out of the car!
Oh God!
Don't ever hesitate
like that again.
Are you alright?
- Stay here, don't move.
- What?
You've been here before John.
Get over to the wall, Sir.
The feds called in a favour.
All you gotta do is pick
up a kid in Jersey...
drive him down to DC.
How hard can that be, huh?
It can't be that hard can it?
No, gotta be a senior detective
think that a traffic jam
or throwing a car at me
Will stop me, huh?
- Red, get in there and get it done.
- It won't be necessary, he is leaving.
This is not a good idea!
- Don't touch me!
- OK OK alright...
Are you OK? Oh my God!
- Pretty lucky shot, huh?
- Oh yeah lucky!
Jesus, you just killed a
helicopter with a car.
I was out of bullets.
How you doin'?
I skinned my knee and my
asthma is acting up....
Whatever, yeah I'm fine.
 Red, check in.
 The helicopter is destroyed.
What about Farrell and McClane?
- They are both dead.
- Come back in.
OK we are moving on,
begin Stage 3.
I have just spoken to Emmerson.
The teams are arriving
at Woodlawn now.
Very good.
Mai, get ready for the downloads.
Identification, Sir.
Park behind the transpo
and we will guide you in.
Man the gate, you come with me.
The anthrax alarms only went off
across five floors.
Below that you will
need clearance.
I don't know why you would
need to go down there
there is nothing down there
but servers.
 All clear. Rodriguez!
- The gate is secured.
- Copy.
OK, we are in.
Hey, this is absurd
there is tough and there is stupid.
You need a hospital,
look at you.
I am not a doctor, but
you look like you are hurt.
- Yes, sexy, right?
- No.
Come on.
We don't need a doctor,
we need the cops.
He's in.
Get out of the way,
look out, please.
NYPD, alright, I got this kid.
Come on let's go.
I need to speak with you.
The doctor is in the back.
I am NYPD,
I need to talk to you.
Just give me a minute.
Oh my God!
Let's get of here.
 Perfect! Now the second sequence.
 The server is ready.
We are go.
Launch the downloads.
Nothing is happening.
Be patient.
- I don't know, it's not responding.
- Wait for it.
There you go.
Let me know when the
download reaches 20%.
- Excuse me!
- Thank you!
Holy Shit!
Kid? Kid? Hey!
- You got a phone in that bag?
- Yes.
Come on let's go.
and here you go, agent...
Tavarek. I guess that's you.
The download is at 20%.
Time to move. Let's keep them
chasing their tails.
Due to the recent activity...
law enforcement agencies are
being extremely cautious.
They are telling people to abandon
vehicles, until they are searched.
And as you can see...
K-9 units are
checking each vehicle.
Now whether this is connected
to the anthrax reports earlier...
or if it is a new  terrorist threat
we don't know that this stage.
FAA just grounded all flights.
- Good.
- Sir...
We have complete access
over system networks.
Phones, power grids,
water, nuclear....
- Hey, excuse me...
- Dan Parry, The NSA
Chuck Summer DHS Liaison.
The White House made the call.
Anything you need,
We are here to help.
Help? Wow. that's, that's great.
We are gonna need some work space
for our people.
What can you do for us?
Well as you can
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