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'll be honest, I missed some classes.
- Ha Ha, you did? Really?
You got your license, right?
To fly one of these things...
Hey hey.
Here we go, we're up!
That's good, that's
pretty good.
Jesus! Look at that! This
whole area's blacked out.
How will we find Warlocks house?
It will probably be the only one
with the lights still on.
Power outage keeps spreading,
half the east coast has gone down.
Alright, put everything
on emergency generators.
How the hell are they
getting past us?
- OK, down there, I see it.
- Down there?
Left, left, down.
We gonna land there?
- Alright, hang on.
- Oh, Jesus!
The fence! The fence!
- The fence! The fence!
- I see it...
- wooow!
- Come on.
- Oh yeah, taking off is the hardest part.
- Let's go!
Theres something you need to know
about Warlock, he hates cops...
he hates them, so let
me do all the talking.
Hey Mrs. Kludis.
Is Freddy home?
I am Matt Farrell and that is Billy.
We are friends from Space Camp.
We went to Space Camp with Freddy.
- Freddy?
- You got company.
Frederick, didn't you hear me?
- All Baltimore heard you, ma.
- Your friends are here.
Friends? But what the...
Ma, how many times, you don't
bring people down here?
I can't see too well, you have
lost so much weight!
No, dude I gained 30 lbs,
who is that?
You know what it doesn't matter?
What are you even doing here?
I am rocking 5 generators just
so I can stay online.
And since you are being hunted by
assassins, maybe this visit
isn't a  productive or a healthy way
of spending my time.
- Hey, don't touch that alright?
- CB radio?
- A little low tech for you isn't it?
- Old? That my friend...
is an end of the world
insurance system, OK.
When the last microchip is down
I will be able to...
be in contact with the world,
be they zombies or not.
I'll tell you that right now.
- What did you bring your Dad here for?
- He is cool, he's into games.
- Nice poster.
- Oh, what are you, a fan of Fett?
- No, I was more of a Star Wars guy.
- Star Wars! Who is this man?
He is...
Dump-truck, I'm not his Dad,
I am a cop. How about that?
Ah, a cop, I'm sorry.
Thank you very much.
Why'd you bring a cop into
my Command Centre?
- Command Centre?! It is a basement.
- It is a Command Centre!
Don't help, McClane!
I can explain...
Tell us what you know about Thomas
Gabriel. That's why we came here.
Thomas Gabriel, that's cool,
I didn't know. I'm sorry.
Get out, I want you out of here,
man, right now!
Hey, calm down.
- Just calm down big boy.
- You calm down, it's my house!
You are going to tell me what I wanna know.
Or I'm gonna kill you in your own house.
4 years ago the D.O.D.
recruits Thomas Gabriel...
to be a cyber spook for them, OK.
First day on the job he
goes and tells his bosses...
that the nations security infrastructure
is wide open to compromise .
And what did they say?
"We will take it under advisement."
But he doesn't ease up 'cos he is
committed, like you read about.
So he breaks into a meeting
of the Joint chiefs of Staff, OK?
Using just a laptop he
hacks into NORAD
and shuts down the
entire defence network
So they put a gun to his head
and forced him to stop the hack,
Thomas Gabriel is the guy who
shut down NORAD with a laptop,
just to prove a point,
you think I'm scared of you?
- Just tell us how to find the guy.
- I don't know how, he is a ghost.
He just fell off the grid.
- Another dead end, come on.
- Hold on wait, McClane,
Listen, Warlock, a couple of
weeks ago I wrote this...
I know dude, you wrote a mutating
algorithm security code
that's probably being used
right now by Thomas Gabriel.
No, we know that, yes.
- Can you tell us what he's using it for?
- I've been trying to figure that out..
Here, look...
The only system I can find
using that kind of security,
is the Social Security
Administration, OK.
They don't even use it
in the main facility, look.
They use it in this
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