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Finally, I've become capable
of thinking that way, and...
Why did you have to come back now?!
Midori, to tell the truth...
I can't.
What your thoughts were,
what your plan was...
...and what you put in that suitcase,
I don't know any of that, but I can't!
Are you leaving?
I can't cause you any more trouble.
Don't stare at me like that.
I can't look back at you.
The lost, lost little kitten
Where is your home
She can't tell where her home is
She can't tell what her name is
The little kitten keeps crying
The dog policeman is at a loss and goes:
I vivisected that guy to
find out where Ginji was.
A dream?
It can't be!
How many times do you have to
repeat it before you're satisfied?
Dangerous articles are
not allowed in the theater.
Laws must be obeyed.
Sit down.
How much time has passed?
For me?
Or for yourself?
You're such a troublesome man.
Where's Midori?
Well, she is a different matter,
at the present time.
But you can see her in the
past right here and now.
I, Midori Washio, have committed
many crimes up to this day.
I hereby confess all my crimes.
I, despite my position
as a public servant...
... was intimately involved with another
Unit member, Koichi Todome...
... for some time...
... and being affected by his individualism
and adventuresome ideals...
... disobeyed the Special Investigation
Unit dissolution order...
What did you do to Midori?!
Shut up and watch.
You have an obligation to watch this.
If you hadn't come up with such a
stupid idea as to flee the country...
... she might have been spared from
being pushed to the wall so hard.
...and violating the
Antisubversive Activities Law.
Moreover, upon participating
in the rebellion...
... I committed the crimes of stealing a
vehicle, inflicting damage to property...
... violating the Traffic Control Law,
violating the Anti-riot Law...
... and interfering with policemen
in the fulfillment of their duties.
Furthermore, against
the private citizens...
... who cooperated to
quell our rebellion...
... I committed the crimes of
assaulting and inflicting injuries...
... as well as murder.
I am guilty of all the said crimes.
An imperfect human body is
incapable of overcoming anything.
Everything vanishes, and
only history remains behind.
There is nothing you can do.
I, Soichiroh Toribe,
as a member of society...
have committed a number of crimes
that should have never been committed.
I hereby confess all my crimes.
They betrayed you.
But you must not hold
a grudge against them.
... and on top of that,
together with co-conspirators...
Haven't you ever heard the story
about the ogre saved by a fisherman?
The ogre was shut up in a jar,
and it swore to itself...
"Whoever helps me out of this jar...
... I will make him enormously
rich for the rest of his life."
Then, a hundred years passed,
and the ogre thought...
"Whoever helps me out...
... I will grant him every single
supernatural power there is."
However, after four hundred years,
the ogre was still in the jar.
It started thinking that it will only
grant three wishes to its rescuer.
But finally,
a thousand years passed...
...and this is what the ogre thought...
"If anybody helps me,
I will eat him alive!"
I am guilty of all the said crimes.
I am sincerely grateful
for being arrested...
...before committing any more crimes.
Thank you.
Why do you bear such
constant enmity against us?
Man is neither an angel nor a beast.
However, unfortunately, while he
wishes to act like an angel...
...he actually behaves like a beast.
A condition to be a courageous soldier
is not to be overly courageous...
...as someone once said.
You were overly diligent
in carrying out your job.
A mistake must be corrected.
I will not be brainwashed.
You still don't get it?
Three years ago, you three pledged
to meet again and then split up.


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